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Council descriptionNumber and cityDate of council
Christ had two natures, Divine & Human: 'without confusion, without change, without division, without separation. the distinction of natures being in no way annulled by the union.'
First accepted by Rome as the Eighth, then rejected by Rome, then accepted by Rome again in the 11th century.
Affirmed the restoration of Photios, who wrote against the western addition to the creed. Called the 8th Council by some Orthodox.
The writings of three dead theologians were condemned, precipitating a brief rupture between Constantinople and Rome.
'Christ had two natures with two activities: as God working miracles, rising from the dead and ascending into heaven; as Man, performing the ordinary acts of daily life.'
Council was presided over by Meletios, who died, then by Gregory the Theologian, until his resignation, and finally by Nectarios. It addressed the Deity of the Holy Spirit.
There were 318 Church Fathers at this council, which declared Christ to be homoousia (of one essence) with the Father.
Decreed that icons ought to be venerated and kissed, and are a necessary element for true worship.
Two dueling councils held at this city which needs no number. Mary was declared to by the 'God-Bearer' or 'Mother of God' -- more a statement about Christ.

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