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Doane Robinson, known as the Father of Mt. Rushmore, originally envisioned sculptures of western heroes, such as Red Cloud, John C. Fremont, Buffalo Bill and these famed explorers.
Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum studied in Paris under this other renowned sculptor. (You'll get the answer if you are a good THINKER.)
Borglum began work on Stone Mountain, the 'Southern Rushmore' in what state? He was eventually chased out of the state and all of his work on the monument was destroyed.
Four of the five faces Borglum proposed met little opposition. Which president generated the most controversy?
Which president did many people propose as an alternative to the controversial choice, because of his leadership during the world war?
In 1937, with construction underway, a bill was considered in Congress to add a fifth face. Who was the women's rights activist many wanted to see added to the monument?
In 1885, NY attorney Charles Rushmore asked a guide the name of the peak. The Guide's response: 'Hell, it never had a name, but from now on we'll call the damn thing _____.'
When sculpting began in 1927, what did Borglum first have his workers use to remove the granite?
After 3 weeks, realizing progress was too slow, he started experimenting with another means, eventually using this to remove 90% of the 450,000 tons of granite.
After 18 months of work, Jefferson's head, originally to Washington's own right, had to be relocated, because too much of this common mineral was present.
Originally, an Entablature, about 500 words on US History was to be included. Which president was asked to write it? (Borglum detested the submission.)
The Entablature was scrapped because it it could not be read from afar. Borglum work on an 80 x 100 foot room called the _____ of Records, to house busts of famous Americans.
The above room was to be accessed by an 800-foot high granite stairway. Construction had to be halted, due to lack of funds; what remains is a small tunnel behind which president?
Borglum intended the carvings to be done from this region of the body up. Congress insisted construction stop after the heads were finished.
Though it was estimated that the granite would erode at the rate of one inch per every 10,000 years, Borglum added one foot to Washington's ____, to ensure his depiction lasted.
At a cost of about 1 million dollars, it took ___ years, during which time none of the (400+) workers died, to complete the carving.

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