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DescriptionTree, flower, or shrubPerson named after
Flowering plant; annual or perennial; native to scrub and dry grassland from Southwest US to South America; solitary long-stemmed flowers in a variety of bright colors
Widely used lawn grass, especially on golf courses; native to southeast and east Asia, coastal areas or grasslands
Flowering Shrub; eastern and southern Asia; known in Chinese as 'tea flower'
Woody vines with purplish or white flowers; pea family; Eastern US, China, Korea, Japan; eight chromosomes
Flowering tree; 95 million yrs, before bees, pollinated by beetles; lack distinct sepals or petals; undifferentiated flower parts, 'tepals'; disjunct distribution, Asia & Americas
Deciduous shrub; yellow flowers; 1-3 m, rarely up to 6m; mostly native to east Asia, one species in southeast Europe; fruit is a dry capsule, containing several winged seeds
Shrub ; purplish, reddish, or white flowers; is named after a German scientist, but name is also a synonym for magenta; discovered on Hispaniola by Charles Plumier
DescriptionTree, flower, or shrubPerson named after
Evergreen flowering shrub in coffee family; native to tropical & subtropical Africa, southern Asia, Oceania; national flower of Pakistan; Billie Holiday wore them in her hair
Flowering plant; usually red (but sometimes other colors) leaves; indigenous to Mexico & Central America; named after Minister to Mexico who introduced it to US
Perennial plant with brightly colored flowers; named after a French governor of Haiti; closely related to pumpkins, cucumbers
A brightly colored flower; native from Mexico to Colombia; are octoploids (8 sets of homologous chromosomes, most plants have only 2); leafy stems; 1 - 8 ft
Includes the largest trees in the world; redwood coniferous trees; one extant species in northern California several extinct species
Tropical South American flowering, thorny, woody, vines; 1 - 12 m tall; discovered by the lover of Commerҫon (first to describe it), who had been smuggled aboard dressed as a man
Hybrid berry; cross between European Raspberry, a Common Blackberry, and a Loganberry; large aggregate fruit; deep maroon color

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