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HintFoodPerson named after
Small, dark-green variety of lettuce aka Limestone Lettuce, a type of Butterhead.
Candy made of nuts in boiled brown sugar or maple sugar.
Large, juicy yellow pear.
Sliced beef fillet sautéed, with onions, mushrooms, sour cream, herbs.
Red, tart berry.
No standard recipe, diced fowl or seafood, mushrooms, almonds, butter/cream & parmesan sauce with wine or sherry & stock vegetables.
HintFoodPerson named after
Edible Hazelnut
Thinly sliced crisp toast.
Slices of bread with a filling between them.
Crisp, slightly sweet rectangular cracker.
Small sponge cakes with a distinctive sea shell-like shape.
Very thick tender cut of beef tenderloin.

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