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HintFoodPerson named after
Tossed salad of greens, cheese, croutons, eggs, anchovies, dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, peppered tableside.
Bright-green tart apple.
Tart, green-red apple.
Chicken, truffles and mushrooms stuffed into tomatoes with velouté sauce.
Beef filet with paté de foie gras, in pastry, baked.
Poached eggs, broiled ham on an English muffin.
HintFoodPerson named after
Fruit concoction with ice cream.
Stew made with bits of assorted meat and vegetables.
Ground beef patty with eggs, milk, onions, seasonings.
Edible nut from Australia
Creamy pastry dessert flavored with almonds.
White sauce.

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