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SentenceFood WordDefinition or Hint
I will _____ every minute.Completely enjoy (flavor or smell)
I will _____ every minute.Enjoy (condiment)
We were packed like _____ in the subway car.Small fish
That story is a bunch of _____,
he's always exaggerating.
It has a first name.... O S C A R!
It's just not my cup of _____.Is it for two?
He is a ______ for punishment.One who commits a deadly sin
That was one of the _____iest
jokes I have ever heard.
In fact, it even came on a cob
Doesn't that just beat all? It really takes the _____.You can't have it and eat it too
I am _____ting my knife.Something that stimulates an appetite
_____ty as a _____Crazy, Notorious Christmas present
The movie's special effects were dated and ____y.Dairy product
Did you _____ him on?Ovum
Let's take that idea off of the back _____.Stove part
No use crying over spilt _____.Direct from Betsy
He was as cool as a _____.I could have been a pickle!
We controlled ourselves at the restaurant,
but we had a _____ when we got home!
In spite of its sour taste, with strawberries, it makes a heck of a pie
Robbing that bank was a cinch...
It was like taking _____ from a baby!
Probably won't be getting to many sweets in the joint
He has so much energy,
he's really feeling his _____s.
Hope the horse is taken care of.
Love my gift! I was pleased as _____.Hawaiian?
After insisting so vigorously that I was
right, I had to eat some humble _____.
Simple Simon bought one from the man he met
This class is the _____ of the crop.Best, exceptional
He doesn't like those fancy dishes,
he's a _____-and-_____ guy.
Likes plain food

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