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SentenceFood WordDefinition or Hint
Hi ____, I'm home!Term of endearment
He's a fine fellow, a real good _____.You might say he is eggstraordinarily good
Did he just give me the _____?Bronx cheer
I'm afraid I spilled the _____s.Told a secret
The fog was thick as _____ _____.Some of it was used in The Exorcist
The first time I heard that old _____ was in the womb, and it didn't make me laugh then either!It would be great roasting on an open fire
That dweeb? He's such a _____.Hot dog
I had him _____ing out of my hand.Consuming
No matter how you _____ it, it comes down to the same thing.What you might do to cold cuts or pie
I aced the test, it was a piece of _____.You can't have it and eat it too
Don't upset the _____ cart.Remember Adam and Eve?
I don't give a _____.Newton?
It's on backorder... apparently
they are selling like _____.
Breakfast food
_____ your eyes on this!Banquet
The atomic bomb's _____ cloud was frightful.Fungus
Now that point is _____ for thoughtSubstenance
Now we're _____ with gas.Preparing a meal
It's the greatest thing since sliced _____.Flour, yeast, water
I aced the test, it was easy as _____.Strawberry Rhubarb is my favorite!
He's loved by everyone, he's the _____ of the town.I am guessing it doesn't refer to burnt bread
Give me the concept in a _____.Watch for the squirrels
What an interesting idea, I'll
have to _____ on it for a while.
To go over something in one's mind repeatedly

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