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SentenceFood WordDefinition or Hint
She ____d us with her presence.Mealtime prayer
He made the dean's list, he's one smart _____.Hope he doesn't crumble next semester
The proof is in the _____.Chocolate or Vanilla? Maybe Butterscotch!
Boy, I was sooo wrong. I had to eat _____.Certainly not a dish in any restaurant I know!
His hopes are _____ in the sky.Unrealistic hope for a reward
He was really mad at my error,
he _____ed me out for an hour
It was the _____ calling the _____ black.Cooking utensils
Don't put all your _____s in one basket.The chickens have come home to roost
He dropped it like a hot _____.Spud
That expert surely knew his _____s.Vegetable, grown from a bulb
We discussed a _____ topic.Controversial
We sat around and chewed the _____.Solidified oil
I'll _____ the _____, and see who folds.Make sugary, container used for cooking
I heard it through the _____.Rumor mill
I _____ off more than I could _____.Nibbled, masticate
That tantrum was certainly a tempest in a _____.Somehow, Tempest in a Samovar doesn't cut it
Stop crying in your _____.Rhymes with tear
It's the _____ on the _____.An extra enhancement
That was _____y-keen.Fruit
My son is the ______ of my eye.Fruit
His love poem was so _____ sweet, it was sickening.Artificial sweetener
The guarantee of such a high
return on investment is pure ______.
I couldn't stomach listening to him any longer
Finishing that puzzle was _____ _____.And a pretty good classic movie too

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