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SentenceFood WordDefinition or Hint
He was ____ red with anger.Borscht?
After that two-hour bath I was wrinkled as a _____.But at least I was regular
Don't rub _____ in the wound.NaCl
There I was, _____ed
between my two worst enemies.
Not even an English Earl would have enjoyed that
That actor is the biggest _____ on Broadway.Deli meat
That's the way the _____ crumbles.Chocolate chip?
Life is like a box of ______s.Or so said Forrest Gump!
We discussed a ____y topic.Substantial
The congressman made a motion
to _____ discussion on the bill.
Put off
I wouldn't sell it for all the _____ in China.Brewed beverage
The ballplayer is a well-_____ed veteran.Experienced
My car's been in the shop more
than in my garage, it's a real _____.
Trini Lopez may take exception
The new kid is supposed to be a real ______.He even comes with a prize inside.
We were broke, so we spent
the night in a _____y motel.
But it is the start of a good thing
Don't _____ the bad news.To try to make it sweet.
What's _____ing Gilbert GrapeBothering
I am _____ up with you!Nourished
His complaining is just sour _____s.Don't want to make wine with these
I'm the one who brings home the _____.That's the money-maker!
He's leaping out of the _____ _____ and into the fire!Cooking implement
I'm happy as a _____.A mollusk
Too bad my youth was wasted on my _____ days.Shakespearean idiomatic expression
He lived to a _____ old age.Quality of being ready to eat

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