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A. What is the halfway point between the marks of 3/8 in and 1 1/4 in on a ruler?
Express the answer as a fraction.
B. What is f(g(2)), if
f(x) = x + 4 and g(x) = 5x ?
C. What is the area of a triangle with
two sides of length 10 and 6,
and included angle of 45o ?
Answer in the form of 'a sqrt b'
D. How much material is used in
an insulating sleeve for coffee that
contains 45% less material than a
paper cup made of 26 in2 of paper?
E. How many points of intersection are there for y = x2 and y = 3x + 8 ?
F. Identify the integer whose
square root can be approximated
to the nearest tenth by 1.7.
G. What must be the value of the
x-coordinate associated with the
y-coordinate of 10 on a line with slope 1/2 that passes through the point (5, 8)?
H. If y = sin (bx), what value of b will give a period of 20?
I. Expressed as x to a power,
what is x2a+b / x-b - 4 ?
J. What is the derivative with
respect to x of ln e7x2

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