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A. John paints a room in 3 hrs,
Jim takes 7 hrs to paint it,
how long will it take
both working together?
(Give the answer as a decimal.)
B. How long will it take for 3 people working together to paint a room if the individual times are 3, 4, and 6 hours? (Answer as a decimal, rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour.
C. What is the remainder when
87654327 is divided by 4?
D. What is the radius of a circle with
a 36o sector area of 2.5π ?
E. For what log base would
logb 729 = 3?
F. Identify the integer whose reciprocal is represented by the decimal 0.142857, with all 6 digits after the decimal repeating.
G. How many cones of height 5 ft and radius 5 ft, full of water, would it take to completely fill a sphere of radius 5 feet?
H. What is the LCM of the monomials
ab2c3 and b3c4d5
(Use carot (^) for exponents, do not use parentheses or multiplication signs)
I. What is the point slope form
of the equation of a line
passing through ( -1, 3) with slope 5/7 ?
J. What is the derivative with respect to t of ln (sin t) ?

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