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DescriptionDisputed BookC = canon; R = rejected; anc.citations
Early church accepted almost universally authorship of St. Paul, though some important sources omit naming it, implying rejection. Almost rejected by Luther: too Jewish.C; Omitted: Muratorian Fragment, Cheltenham List
Epistle traditionally ascribed to the beloved disciple. Warns against Docetics who denied the reality of Christ's Humanity.C; Disputed: Origen, Eusebius, Amphilocius, Junilius; Omitted: Peshitta
Shortest epistle in the New Testament by word count. Written by the elder, who is traditionally identified with the beloved disciple.C; Disputed: Origen, Eusebius, Amphilocius, Junilius; Omitted: Peshitta
Probably written by several authors, contains a series of visions. Its Christology is suspect, distinguishing the Son of God from JesusR; Accepted: Sinaitic Codex; Codex Claromontanos; Rejected: Muratorian Fragment, Eusebius, Athanasius, Rufinus, Decree of Galasius
Has visions of heaven and hell containing vivid descriptions of the blessings and punishments meted out in the afterlife.R; Accepted: Codex Claromontanus; Disputed: Muratorian Canon; Rejected: Eusebius, Innocent I
Ascribed to an early bishop of Rome and disciple of both Apostles Peter and Paul. It is an epistle to the Corinthians.R; Accepted: Apostolic Canons
Not only did some early Christian writers list this work as disputed, but Martin Luther called it an 'Epistle of Straw' and thought about removing it from the Bible.C; Disputed: Origen, Eusebius, Amphilocius; Junilius; Omitted: Muratorian, Cheltnham
Ascribed to a companion of the Apostle Paul, this work emphasizes that Christians are freed from the Law.R; Accepted: Codex Claromontanus, Codex Siniaticus, Jerusalem Codex; Rejected: Eusebius
Traditionally ascribed to the chief of the Apostles, though many modern scholars reject it as pseudepigraphical.C; Disputed: Origen, Eusebius, Amphilocius, Junilius; Omitted: Muratorian, Peshitta
Traditionally ascribed to the only Apostle not to be executed. Written from the Island of Patmos. Almost rejected by Luther.C; Rejected: Gregory the Theologian; Disputed: Eusebius, Amphilocius, Junilius; Omitted: Cyril of Jerusalem, Council of Laodicea, Apostolic Canons, Peshitta
Traditionally ascribed to a 'brother' of Jesus, it contains a quotation from the apocryphal work The Apocalypse of Enoch.C; Disputed: Origen, Eusebius, Amphilocius, Junilius; Omitted: Cheltenham, Peshitta

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