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1:1:1-80As the play opens we learn that Imogen, Cymbeline's only child, since his two sons were kidnapped at an early age, married Posthumus Leonatus, against her father's wishes; she will be imprisoned, what punishment does King Cymbeline pronounce on her husband?
1:1:81-116The Queen promises the two that she will intercede for them, not acting like a typical what; Imogen doubts her sincerity?
1:1:117-146As Imogen and Posthumus prepare to be separated, Imogen gives her husband a ring; what does Posthumus give to her, calling it a 'manacle of love'?
1:1:96-1:2:41Who drew a sword on Posthumus as he was departing, and left bragging about the encounter though to everyone else he was obviously mismatched, and would have been killed had Posthumus not just played with him?
1:4:1-181In Rome Iachimo contends that no woman is faithful; he bets Posthumus he can seduce Imogen, offering 10,000 ducats if he fails; what does he procure from Posthumus?
1:5:1-54The Queen asks the doctor, Cornelius, for poison; Cornelius, not trusting her gives her a potion which induces what?
1:5:55-100The Queen gives the 'poison' to Pisanio, hoping he will take it and die, making it easier for her to convince Imogen to marry her son; what does she tell Pisanio it is?
1:6:1-244Iachimo tells Imogen that Posthumus has forgotten her, and attempts to seduce her; she rebuffs him as a liar; he says he was testing her and asks if she will keep what in her room?
2:2:1-55As Iachimo emerges from the aforementioned object, and studies Imogen's room and body, while she is sleeping, noting a mole under her breast, what item does he remove from the wrist of Imogen?
2:3:1-180Who after serenading and professing his love to Imogen is not only rebuffed but compared unfavorably to Posthumus' meanest garment, a slight that particularly irks him?
2:4:30-5:36Returning to Italy, Iachimo claims to have seduced Imogen, reciting details of her bedroom, knowledge of the mole beneath her breast, and producing the what item as evidence of the act?
3:1:1-92Rome and Britain are going to go to war because Cymbeline refuses to give what to Rome?
3:2:1-87Posthumus instructs Pisanio to bring Imogen to Cambria at Milford Haven, telling her they will meet there; what does he instruct Pisanio to do to her?
3:3:1-115Belarius, an exiled nobleman going by the name Morgan, is living in a cave at Milford Haven with two boys he has raised as his own, Cadwal and Polydor; who is the biological father of these two boys that Belarius had kidnapped in retribution for being unfairly exiled (they are unaware of their true parentage)?
3:4:1-222When Pisanio informs Imogen that Posthumus suspects her of adultery, she asks him to kill her; instead he instructs her to dress as a male and go to Italy, he will report her death; what does he give her to calm herself if she gets sick on the journey?
3:5:1-188When Imogen's absence is noted, Pisanio tells Cloten she is at Milford Haven, thinking she has since boarded a ship; Cloten asks Pisanio to procure what item belonging to Posthumus; he wants to wear it while raping Imogen?
3:6:1-115Imogen, disguised as Fidele, meets Belarius and his two sons; his sons say they will love Fidele as if 'he' was what?
4:2:1-45When Imogen doesn't feel well, what does she drink, causing her to go into a death-like sleep?
4:2:46-248Whose head does Polydor bring in, as Belarius is worrying about what his presence will mean to them?
4:2:249-486Belarius and his boys find the apparently dead Imogen, still disguised as Fidele, and they lay 'him' next to Cloten; when Imogen awakens, who does she think Cloten's corpse to be; this causes her to fight on the side of Rome?
4:4:1-65As the invasion begins, Belarius and his boys decide to fight against which side?
5:1:1-33Posthumus is sent to Britain to fight for Rome; he regrets having ordered Imogen's death, and disguises himself as a peasant and fights against Rome, hoping for what?
5:2:1-20After Iachimo also laments his part in the death of Imogen, who is captured by the Romans, and rescued by Belarius, his boys, and Posthumus?
5:3:1-4:153Posthumus changes clothes again, and allows himself to be captured as a Roman soldier; in prison, what Roman deity visits him in his sleep in what has been described as the worst scene in all of Shakespeare?
5:5:1-80After Cymbeline knights Belarius and his boys, still unaware of their true identities, whose death is related to him?
5:5:81-245What object does Imogen, still dressed as a Roman page, spy on Iachimo, that causes him to relate his ruse that supposedly resulted in the death of Imogen?
5:5:246-274As Posthumus sheds his disguise and attacks Iachimo, who rushes to him, and is pushed away because she is not recognized?
5:5:275-363After Imogen sheds her disguise, and the mystery of the potion is solved, one of Belarius' sons confesses to having killed Cloten; what punishment does Cymbeline proclaim?
5:5:364-586To save his 'son' Belarius confesses that he had kidnapped the boys, and his sons are really Cymbeline's sons, the lost princes; Cymbeline forgives him and the Romans, and promises to pay what to Rome?

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