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Can you name the top ten cult films (according to the Script Lab) from a description?

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Year, Director, StarFilmDescription
Jim Sharman
Tim Curry
British musical comedy horror film. It’s the best known of the midnight movies and fans attend screenings, as well as the Broadway and West End productions, in gear… i.e. fishnets, corsets, suspenders, and that’s just the men! They dance along to the Time Wrap, execute tightly scripted “call backs”, and even act out the film while it’s on-screen.
David Lynch
Jack Nance
Surrealist body horror film. Stanley Kubrick called it one of his favourite films ever. Described by Lynch as his “most spiritual” movie, it features a young man named Henry who lives in a post-apocalyptic world with his newborn mutant baby. There’s a woman in a radiator. She sings… yup.
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau
Independent romantic drama film. “The Citizen Kane of bad movies.” It is customary to throw plastic spoons at the screen when the random, unexplained framed photo of a spoon appears. Although Wiseau has retroactively characterized the film as a black comedy, audiences have generally viewed it as a poorly made drama, a viewpoint supported by some of the film's cast.
Tod Browning
Wallace Ford
American Pre-Code horror film. Banned in the UK for over 30 years! It was refused a certificate because the BBFC “felt that the film exploited for commercial reasons the deformed people it claimed to dignify.” It was awarded an X certificate in 1963, with the intention of allowing audiences to judge for themselves. It received mostly positive reviews and became a popular midnight movie, and is still sought after by film fans today. A more impressive fact is that it actually made F. Scott Fitzgerald throw up. Seriously, you’ll sit with your mouth agape, wondering how they got away with making this. And that is why we love the Pre-Code years!
Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Gregory Walcott, Vampira, Bela Lugosi
American science fiction thriller film. As awful as the film is… and it is awful… there’s something charming about it. UFOs on strings, wobbling tombstones, Lugosi-who-isn’t actually-Lugosi. This film shall live forever as the “worst film ever made,” but it will also live forever because it has been made available to download on the internet for free… for better or for worse.
Russ Meyer
Tura Satana
Enter first word of title only.
Exploitation Film. There’s sexiness, violence, ridiculous dialogue, and John Waters himself called it the “best movie ever made, and possibly better than any movie that will ever be made.”
Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell
Horror Film. The first film in one of the most ridiculous horror franchises you will ever encounter. You’re not sure if what you’re watching is intentionally funny, the blood and guts are made of corn syrup and then there’s the tree rape…
Mike Judge
Ron Livingstone
Comedy. This movie led to the Red Swingline stapler becoming the best selling stapler of all time, even though it was only AFTER the film that the Red Swingline was produced due to popular demand!
John Waters
Black Comedy Exploitation Film. The story of a transvestite called Divine, “the filthiest person alive.” It sets out to break a lot of taboos, and its ending is one of its most notorious scenes.
Terry Gilliam
Jonathan Pryce
British Film. A dystopian satire set in a consumer-driven world where everything is engulfed in red tape and reliance on machines. Imagine Blade Runner but made by a member of Monty Python.

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