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Can you name the country from an explanation of its origin? (Southern Africa)

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HintCountryExtra Information
From its location as the Southernmost nation on the continent
Simplification of the original name:
'United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar'
The name which the country had
assumed upon independence
'Land of the Rundi-Speakers' in Rundi
'Land of the Basotho' or 'of the Sesotho-speakers'The root is of uncertain etymology, although possibly related to the word motho ('human being')
'Land of the Zambezi'It flows through the east of the country forming a border
'[Land beside] the _____ River'
Derived from the previous Colony
name and ultimately, river
River name derived from a Bantu kingdom which occupied its mouth around the time of its discovery by the Portuguese in 1483 or 1484 and whose name derived from its people, the Bakongo, an endonym said to mean 'hunters'
'Land of the ____', an ethnic groupEthnic group name derives from Mswati I, a former king
Named for an ancient ruined city in the country's south-east whose remains are now a protected siteTheory: 'House of Stones', Dzimba-dze-mabwe in Shona
Theory: Contraction of dzimba-hwe 'venerated houses' in Zezuru dialect of Shona, applied to chiefs' houses or graves
First known use of name as a term of national reference: 1960, by black nationalist Michael Mawema, his Zimbabwe National Party was first to officially use the name in 1961
Named in 1598 after Maurice of Nassau (1567–1625)Stadtholder of Holland and Prince of Orange (1585–1625)
Named after Jean Moreau de _______Finance Minister to King Louis XV of France, 1754 to 1756
'Moons' Arabic word qamarFrom the Arabic Jazā'ir al-Qamar ('Islands of the Moon')
From the name of the Island of ________Island name probably comes from the name of a previous Arab ruler, the sheik Mussa Ben Mbiki
From a corruption of Mogadishu, the Somali port with which Marco Polo had confused the island
From the coastal desert, meaning 'area where there is nothing' in the Nama language
'Land of Ndongo', from the Portuguese colonial nameErroneously deriven toponym from the Mbundu title ngola a kiluanje, held by Ndambi a Ngola, as lord of Ndongo
Theory: Based on a native word meaning 'flaming water' or 'tongues of fire,' believed to have derived from the sun's dazzling reflections on Lake _____Theory: Comes from the Maravi, an old
name of the Nyanja people that inhabit the area
Present name used by founding President Hastings Banda
Nicknamed 'The Warm Heart of Africa'
'Country of the Tswana' in Setswana, after the country's dominant ethnic group.
Etymology of ethnic group uncertain
Livingstone: from the Setswana tshwana ('alike', 'equal')
Alternate theories derive it from a word for 'free'
Alternate Theory: It was an exonym they learned from the Germans and British

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