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'Southern Land' in New Latin, adapted from the legendary pseudo-geographical Terra _____ Incognita ('Unknown Southern Land') dating back to the Roman eraBritish explorer Matthew Flinders suggested the name because a further southern landmass would never be discovered; Colonial Office adopted the name in 1824, even though Antarctica had been sighted 4 years earlier
From the native name Belau, traditionally derived from the native aidebelau ('indirect replies')Aidebelau is in reference to the island's creation story involving the destruction of the giant Chuab
The country acquired its name in the 19th century; the first part derives from Malay papuah describing the frizzy hair of MelanesiansThe last part comes from the Spanish explorer Yñigo Ortiz de Retez, who noted the resemblance of the local people to those he had earlier seen along the west coast of Africa
Coined from the Greek words for 'small' and 'island' –'Small islands'
Named for a biblical king by the Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendaña y Neyra in 1567 or 1568So named after the legendary wealth of the king's mines, which Mendaña y Neyra hoped to find
Named after British captain John _____, who firstdocumented the existence of the islands in 1788
An adaptation of 'Gilbert'From the former European name the 'Gilbert Islands'
May derive from the local word AnáoeroAnáoero means 'I go to the beach'
In native tongue: 'Eight Islands' or 'eight standing with each other'; although it actually consists of nine islandsOnly eight of them were traditionally inhabited prior to the settlement of Niulakita in 1949
'Holy Center', from a compound of the native words sa ('sacred') and moa ('center')Alternative theory: Eponymous for a local chiefan; Alternative theory: An indigenous word meaning 'place of the moa', a now-extinct bird
'South' or 'Southern' in SamoanIn reference to their position relative to Samoa
Possibly 'look-out'; adapted from the Tongan form of Viti, referring to the island of Viti LevuPopularized by British explorer James Cook
'Our Land', in some of the local languages
After a province of in the Netherlands, which means 'sea land', referring to the large number of islands it containsOriginal Latin and Dutch names anglicised by Captain James Cook

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