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HintCountryAdditional Information
'Village' or 'Settlement' from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanataJacques Cartier mistakenly thought the term refered to the greater territory subject to the chief Donnacona
Folk etymology: Derived from Spanish or Portuguese for 'nothing here' refering to lack of gold or silver
'The Savior' in Spanish, a truncation of the original 'Province of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World'A territory within the Spanish Kingdom of Guatemala named for its capital 'City of the Great Holy Savior'
'Rich Coast' in Spanish, although
the origin of the epithet is disputed
Some claim it was bestowed by Christopher Columbus,
others by the explorer Gil González Dávila
Most commonly thought to be named after the Italian explorer Amerigo VespucciName used to be treated primarily as a plural, after the mid-19th century it became common to treat it as singular
'Saint Lucy' in LatinFor the shipwreck upon the island of French sailors on St. Lucy's Day (St Lucy of Syracuse), 13 December 1502
From Taíno/Arawak, Hayiti or HaytiMeaning 'mountainous land'
'Sunday Island' in Latin
'Republic of Santo Domingo'
Full original name: 'New Isabela, Saint Dominic of
the Port of Hispaniola' by Bartholomew Columbus
Either in honor of Sunday, his father Domenego,
or Saint Dominic's feast day
Named after its capital city, itself named after the Nahuatl term for the heartland of the Aztec EmpireTheories: 'Place where Huitzilopochtli lives'; 'Place at the Center of the Moon'; derived from Mēctli, goddess of maguey
'Bearded ones', from the PortugueseAs with another country with a similar name, may derive from the appearance of the island's fig trees or from the beards of the indigenous people, or to the foam spraying over the outlying reefs giving the impression of a beard
'Forest', from the Nahuatl Cuauhtēmallān
(lit 'Place of Many Trees')
Alternately: from native language, variously identified as 'Quauhtemellan', 'land of the eagle', or 'Uhatzmalha', 'mountain where water gushes' or 'land of eternal spring'
Spanish for 'depths'Could refer to the bay of Trujillo as an anchorage, 'fondura' in the Leonese dialect of Spanish, or to Columbus's alleged quote: 'Thank God we have departed from those depths'
A merger coined by the Spanish explorer Gil González DávilaAfter an indigenous leader and Spanish for 'water'
Taíno/Arawak Indian Xaymaca or Hamaica'Land of wood and water' or perhaps 'Land of springs'
First part shortened form of Saint Christopher,
the patron saint of travelers
Second part from Spanish Nuestra Senora de las Nieves, 'Our Lady of the Snows', after the halo of white clouds that surrounded mountains, referring to a fourth-century Catholic miraculous snowfall on the Esquiline Hill in Rome
First part: 'Ancient', corrected from earlier Antego, a truncation of the Spanish Santa Maria la _____ ,bestowed in 1493 by Columbus in honor of the 'Virgin of the Old Cathedral'Second part: 'Bearded' in Spanish, corrected from earlier Barbado, Berbuda, Barbouthos, may derive from the appearance of the island's fig trees or from the beards of the indigenous people
The first part of the name after the saint on whose feast day Columbus discovered the island, 22 January 1498Second part of the name from the Spanish city of Granada
From French, through Spanish and ArabicNamed for a capital Gharnāṭah, originally a Jewish suburb (Garnata al-Yahud) of Elvira which became the principal settlement after the latter was destroyed in 1010
First part: From Spanish for 'Island of the Holy Trinity', bestowed by Christopher Columbus to fulfill a vow he had made before setting out on his third voyageSecond part: Of uncertain etymology, but probably from the tobacco grown and smoked by the natives or by the cigar shape of the island
Etymology unknownFirst bestowed by Christopher Columbus as Cabo de _____ (the modern Punta de Mulas) after a supposed local settlement, probably from the Taíno cubao 'abundant fertile land' or coabana 'great place'
Authors who believe that Columbus was Portuguese state it was named by him for a town in Beja, Portugal
'The Shallows', from the Spanish name Archipiélago de las _____, likely from a variant spelling of baja mar 'low' or 'shallow sea'The Spanish name has been derived from a translation of the Lucayan Taíno name meaning 'Big upper middle land'
Alternative: From the Palombe of John Mandeville's Travels whose fountain of youth became conflated with Caribbean legends about Bimini and Boinca
Alternatively it may originate from Guanahani, a local name of unclear meaning
Etymology unknown
Folk etymology: French for 'beacon'
Traditionally derived from a Spanish transcription of 'Wallace', a Scottish buccaneer who established an eponymous settlement along an (also eponymous) river
Alternatively: From Mayan word 'muddy water', presumably in reference to the river
Alternative: From Kongolese Africans who brought the name with them from Cabinda
After a former village near the modern capitalFrom the Cueva Indian language meaning 'place of abundance of fish' or 'place of many fish'
Alternate Theory: From the Caribe 'abundance of butterflies'
Or: From a native term referring to a similarly named tree
Blending the above, official textbooks approved by Dept of Ed give the meaning 'abundance of fish, trees and butterflies'
Further theory: From the Kuna word 'bannaba' which means 'distant' or 'far away'

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