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HintCountryAdditional Information
'Land of Polans', the territory of the tribe of Polans (Polanie)The name of the tribe comes probably from 'pole': 'field' or 'open field'
From the Byzantine Greek Rōsía (Ρωσία),
meaning 'Land of the Rōs' (Ρως)
Generally agreed to be from a Varangian group known as the Rus', ultimately from Old Norse rods-, 'row' or 'rower'
From the extinct tribe of Turkic origin,
which created the country
Possibly derived from Proto-Turkic word bulģha ('to mix', 'shake', 'stir') and its derivative bulgak ('revolt', 'disorder')
Alternate theories: Derivation from a Mongolic cognate bulğarak ('to separate', 'split off') or from a compound of proto-Turkic bel ('five') & gur ('arrow' meaning 'tribe')
Derived from the regional name Latgale, originally Lettigalli'Let-' associated with several hydronyms; possibly
common origin with the Liet- of neighbouring country
-gale meaning 'land' or 'boundary land'
Derives from the Latin romanus, meaning 'citizen of Rome'The first known use of the appellation was attested in 16th-century by Italian humanists travelling there
From the Slavic 'Slavs'The origin of the word Slav itself remains controversial
Theory: 'Land of the Aesti',
from a people described by Tacitus
Other Latin forms: Estia, Hestia
From an earlier Baltic people recorded as the Ostiatoi as early as Pytheas's On the Ocean in 320 BC
Possibly ultimately from the proposed Proto-Germanic *austam and Proto-Indo-European *aus- ('east')
Name comes from the Slavic tribe Čechové and, according to legend, their leader Čech, who brought them to BohemiaIt can be traced back to the Proto-Slavic root *čel-, meaning 'member of the people; kinsman', thus making it cognate to the word člověk (a person)
Language suggests that the name originates from the word 'lieti' which has the meaning to consolidate or to unite, so it may have refered to the first union of tribesAlternative theory: Hydronymic origin, possibly from a small river Lietava, with the root meaning pour
Popular Theories: derived from word lietus ('rain'), meaning a rainy place, or from Latin litus ('tubes'), a possible reference to wooden trumpets played by area tribesmen
The name may have highlighted the nature of the Christianity of the population, in contrast to
Black Ruthenia, inhabited by pagans
Or, it may have referred to the white clothing of the people
Third explanation: The 'white' lands were those never conquered by the Tartars or Mongols
First attested in the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII 958: 'Land of the river _____'River's name from Proto-Indo-European roots *bos or *bogh ('running water') or from a rare Latin word for 'boundary'
Also contains an amalgam of German
for 'duke' and Serbo-Croatian for '-land'
Older, most widespread hypothesis: 'borderland'Modern alternate theory: 'land' 'homeland' 'region' or 'country' from the Slavic kraj or krajna
Turkic: on-ogur, '(people of the) ten arrows' – in other words, 'alliance of the ten tribes'Byzantine chronicles gave this name to them; the chroniclers mistakenly assumed that they had Turkic origins, based on their Turkic-nomadic customs and appearance
Etymology uncertain
Theory: From Harahvat-, Old Persian for the Arachosia or Helmand River, or from Harahuvatiš, the surrounding land
Alternate theory, Zbigniew Gołąb's proposal: a borrowing from Proto-Germanic *C(h)rovati, presumed to mean 'warriors clad with horn-armor' or chrawat, 'mountaineers'
From the _____ River in Romania,
possibly from Gothic Mulda: 'dust', 'mud'
Legend: Named after a dog who gave his life
so that Dragoș Vodă could kill a wisent (bison).

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