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Can you name the country from an explanation of its origin? (Central Africa)

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HintCountryExtra Information
Named from its previous involvement in the ivory trade
From its French name République centrafricaine
2011: Cardinal direction added to its name after indepdence
Takes its name from the Buganda kingdomEncompasses a large portion of the south of the country
From the Latin liber: 'free'So named because the country was established as a homeland for freed (liberated) African-American slaves.
From the name of a town ____ville,
on the north shore of Lake _____
Derived from Ewe to ('water') and go ('shore')
'Shrimp', from the French, German, and Anglicized termsAfter 'Shrimp River' so called on account of a massive swarm of the Wouri River's ghost shrimp
'Saint Thomas' in Portuguese, for its discovery on St. Thomas Day, 21 December 1470 or 1471, and:
'Prince' in Portuguese, referring to the Prince of Portugal to whom duties on the island's sugar crop were paid
'Land', from the Kinyarwanda kwanda ('expand') as eventually applied to the Tutsi Nyiginya mwamisThey were descended from Ruganzu Ndori
or the speakers of Kinyarwanda
'Warrior King' title accorded to the kings of the
medieval West African Empire of the same name
Though named the same, the empire was
actually north of this country
'Cloak', Anglicized from the Portuguese Gabão bestowed on the Komo River estuaryNamed for its resemblance to a gabão, pointy-hooded overcoat whose name derives from the Arabic qabā’
Shares part of its name with two other African countries and another part refers to its locationAlthough the country's territory does not touch the equator, it straddles the line: the island Annobon lies to the south while the mainland is to the north
'Land of the _____', (name of country without the terminal a, an ethnic groupThe name of the ethnic group is of uncertain etymology, although some have proposed a derivation from sac maal ('cattle herders') or a legendary patriarch named Samaale
After the river that flows through the western areas of the country and into the ocean and areaThe word for the river is likely an alteration of the Tuareg name egerew n-igerewen used by inhabitants along the middle reaches of the river around Timbuktu
Sometimes called the 'Giant of Africa:'
'[Land beside] the Bight of ____', Gulf of Guinea west of the Niger delta, itself named after the earlier Empire
No relation to the Nigerian city with the same name
English name comes from a Portuguese transcription of a local corruption (Bini) of the Itsekiri form (Ubinu) of the Yoruba Ile-Ibinu ('Home of Vexation'), the name of the Edo capital by the irate Ife oba Oranyan in the 12th century
Alternate theory: Bini from the Arabic bani 'sons' or 'tribe'
Greek name occurs in Homer
Herodotus uses it for all lands south of Egypt
Pliny the Elder says the country's name comes from a son of Hephaestus (aka Vulcan) named Aethiops
Ge'ez Book of Aksum, ascribes name to Ityopp'is, extrabiblical son of Cush, son of Ham
European scholars considered the name to be
derived from the Greek aitho 'I burn' + ops 'face'
4th Century: First use of term in the region,
used to refer to the Kingdom of Aksum
From the Kamba name for Mount ____,
reported by Dr Johann Ludwig Krapf, 1849
Debate exists on the meaning of the mountain's name
Theory: From Kere Nyaga ('White Mountain')
Theory: From Kirinyaga, Kirenyaa and Kiinyaa which mean 'God's resting place' in different local languages
Theory: From Kirinyaga a conntraction of Kirima nyaga 'Ostrich mountain,' because the dark shadows and snow capped peak resemble the plumage of a male Ostrich
Generally rejected: from Kirima Ngai 'Mountain of God'

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