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Greek: 'Indian Islands'Invented in the mid-19th century to mean 'Indies Islands'
'East _____' in PortuguesePresent name means 'East East'
'Holy Island', from Sanskrit
Rosia or Rossiya, from the Byzantine
Greek Rōsía 'Land of the Rōs'
Generally agreed to be from a Varangian group known as the Rus', ultimately from Old Norse rods-, 'row' or 'rower'
From Geppun, Marco Polo's Italian
rendition of the islands' Shanghainese name
'sun-origin', i.e. 'Land of the Rising Sun'
English pronunciation derives from Chinese pronunciation
Etymology unknown. Conveys the meaning 'Terraced Bay'Pseudoetymology: From Hokkien 'burying the unjustly dead' referring to the riskiness of the sea journey to the island
'Land of the Indus River' in Latin, from GreekThe river's name originates from the Old Persian word Hinduš, stemming from the Sanskrit word Sindhu
French united three kingdoms, naming
the country after the dominant ethnic group
Possibly originally from an ancient Indian word
lava, one of the twin sons of the god Rama
From Middle Persian Chīnī, derived from Sanskrit CīnāhOften said to derive from Qin (221 BC – 206 BC), although the word appears in Hindu scripture prior to this dynasty
Sanskrit: Simhapura 'Lion City'Lions probably never lived there, and the animal seen by Sang Nila Utama, who founded and named it, was a tiger
From the Arabic mahal 'palace' or 'Palace Islands', because the main island, Malé, held the palace of the islands' sultanAlternative: Derives from the Sanskrit
maladvipa 'garland of islands'
Named for an ethnoreligious group of Austronesian people, derived from melayu or mlayu (to steadily accelerate)Describing the strong current of a river Sungai Melayu
Etymology unknown. Folk etymology: From an exclamation Baru nah! 'that's it!', supposedly exclaimed by Awang Alak Betatar, the legendary 14th-century sultan upon arrivalAn earlier folk etymology traced it to his alleged
membership in an Arabian tribe called the Buranun
From the name of the majority Bamar ethnic group
The country's present name is not
universally recognized within the country
The present name is considered to be the literary form of the name of the group, while the older name is derived from 'Bamar', the colloquial form of the group's name
'Viet South', an inversion of Nam Việt,
the name of the 2nd-century BC kingdom
A shortened form of Bách Việt was
in early usage applied to a people in Guangdong
Present name was first used in the 16th-century poem by Nguyen Binh Khiem and was adopted officially in 1945
'Land of the _____' in Latin
Ultimately of uncertain etymology,
but with many hypotheses
Theories: The name of a mountain or river, a corruption of Mongkhe-tengri-gal ('Eternal Sky Fire'), or a derivation from Mugulu, the 4th-century founder of the Rouran Khaganate
'Lands of Prince Philip of Asturias', from the Spanish Felipinas, honoring the future King Philip II of SpainIslands of Leyte & Samar so named by explorer Ruy López de Villalobos in 1543, later applied to the entire archipelago
Philip's name itself is Greek and means 'lover of horses'
'Land of the _____', an ethnic group from
the central plains Etymology of group uncertain
May have originally meant 'people' or 'human being'
A more common pseudoetymology derives the
demonym from the word meaning 'freedom'
An exonym derived from Cauli, Marco Polo's transcription of the Chinese, Gāo Lí, the Chinese name for Goryeo, also known as Koryŏ, a kingdom lasting from 918–1392That kingdom had named itself after the earlier Goguryeo
The original name was a combination of the adjective go 'lofty' and a local Yemaek tribe, whose original name may have been either Guru 'walled city' or Gauri 'center'
'Land of the Kambojas', Latinized from French Cambodge, from Sanskrit KambojadeśaYaska (7th cent BC): 'enjoyers of beautiful things'
Baksei Chamkrong (AD 947) inscription and local tradition: Kambuja from the descendants of
Svayambhuva Kambu, a legendary Indian sage
Or an exonym derived from Old Persian Kambaujiya ('weak') or the cognate Avestan Kambishta ('the least') an amalgam of Sanskrit and Avestan roots meaning 'unshaken'
Etymology unknown
Name is traditionally taken to be a transcription
of the Sanskrit Bhoṭa-anta 'end of Tibet'
Similar names such as Bottanthis, Bottan, Bottanter—appear in Europe around 1580, but it is thought they referred to Tibet, not distinguished from this country until 1774
May come from a truncation of Bodo Hathan 'Tibetan place'
Alternate theory: From Sanskrit Bhu-Utthan 'highlands'
Named after the people who inhabited the land
Their name literally means 'those who domesticate cattle'
Alternative: from Sanskrit nipalaya, 'at the
foot of the mountains' or 'abode at the foot,'
referring to its proximity to the Himalayas
Or from the Tibetan niyampal, which means 'holy land'
Local legend: Named for prehistoric Hindu sage 'Ne' and referring to it as the place protected 'pala' by him
'Country of Bengal', Bengal being a geographical and ethno-linguistic region in South Asia, Origin unknownEarliest reference of Bengal 'Vangala' is
from the early-9th-century Nesari plates
Theory: From the ancient Vanga or Banga ('sun god') Kingdom mentioned in the Mahabharata, which in turn is thought to preserve the name of a Dravidian-speaking tribe called the Bang who settled the region around 1000 BC
Folk etymologies trace the name to the Austric Bonga
(a sun god) and bhang, a preparation of cannabis
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