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HintCountryAdditional Information
Ethnonym: Türk, 'Land of the Turks'
'Land of the rebel Albanoi' mentioned in the History of Michael Attaliates around AD 1080In Alexiad, Anna Comnena mentions a settlement called Albanon or Arbanon
Both may be survivals of the earlier Illyrian tribe, the Albani of the Albanopolis which appears in Ptolemy AD 150
May have ultimately originated from Latin alba 'white' or from the Proto-Indo-European *alb 'hill' or *alb- 'white'
Etymology unknown, folk etymology from 'copper'Theories: Greek kypárissos 'cypress' or kýpros 'henna'
Etymology uncertain
From Old English Grecas and Crecas, from Latin Græcus, presumably from Greek Graikoí
Aristotle: the Illyrians used the name for Dorian Epiriots from their native name Graii
Homer's Catalogue of Ships lists the town of Graea
Parian Chronicle lists Graikoí as the original name derived from the proposed Proto-Greek *grauj 'old age' and Proto-Indo-European root *gere 'to grow old'
Folk etymology: eponymous patriarch Graecus
'City on _____ Hill', from Italian for the site of the territory remaining to the state after the mid-19th-century Unification of Italy and upon its 1929 reestablishmentName of the hill came from the Latin Mons _____us, from the verb 'to prophesy', in reference to the soothsayers who used the streets in the area during Roman times
Origins of Roman name, from which the modern name is derived are unknown, but there are many theories:From 'Hispalis', 'city of the western world'
From Phoenician 'the land where metals are forged'
From Phoenician I-Shpania, 'island of rabbits', or 'edge', a reference to its location at the end of the Mediterranean
May derive from the poetic use of the term Hesperia, 'western land' or 'land of the setting sun'
Eponym from an early king, Espan
According to Aristotle and Thucydides: Eponym from Italus, legendary king of the OenotriansAlternate theory from Dionysius of Halicarnassus from a word for 'calf' or 'bull'
From the ancient Greek for 'single-dwelling'
According to an ancient myth, Hercules passed through the area and turned away the previous gods
A temple was constructed there, it was the only temple or house of worship in the area, giving rise to its name
From medieval Romance Portucale, from Latin Portus Cale
Portus is the Latin for 'port,' but the meaning of Cale is debated
Cale: from Greek kallis 'beautiful' or Latin calēre 'to heat'
May have been related to the Gallaeci, a Celtic people who lived nearby north of the Douro River in pre-Roman times
'Black Mountain' in the Venetian dialect of ItalianFor Mount Lovćen and its dark coniferous forests
'Land of the Slavs' in South Slavic languages
Etymology of Slav itself remains uncertain
Theory '-ven' refers to the Germanic tribes of the Venetii who supposedly also gave their name to the city of Venice
For the possibly legendary stonemason Marinus of Arbe who fled to the area's Mount Titano around AD 301 or 305from his home on the island of Arbe in modern-day Croatia to order to escape Roman persecution
From either the Greek for 'honey'or from the Phoenician for 'a haven' in reference to its many bays and coves
Named after an ancient kingdom
Name derives ultimately from the
ancient Greek adjective makednós
meaning 'tall, taper' originally believed to have meant either 'highlanders' or 'the tall ones', possibly descriptive of the people
Literally means 'Field of Blackbird'
The name was first mentioned in Greek,
meaning 'land of the ____'
Theory: Derived from the Old Slavic root meaning 'same'
Alternate theory: From Indo-European root 'to watch over, protect', akin to Latin servare 'to keep, guard, protect, preserve, observe'

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