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1:1:1-49As the citizens are complaining about the poor treatment they are receiving and lack of food, and talking rebellion, who do they cite as an enemy of the people?
1:1:50-172As Memenius Agrippa calms the crowd, he compares the Roman senate to what bodily organ which appears idle, stores food, but ministers to the appetite of the whole body?
1:1:173-245Martius arrives, and though he riles against the trustworthiness of the poor and ridicules their demand to set prices for corn (grain), he announces that they have been granted five of what to 'defend their vulgar wisdom?'
1:1:246-321When news of the Volsces, led by Aufidius arrives, to whom is Caius Martius appointed a lieutenant, causing consternation among two of the new leaders of the common people?
1:3:1-27Who cheerfully sends Marius to battle saying if she was wed to him she would prefer the honor he would gain to his embraces in bed?
1:4:1-82As the Romans attack the city, they are at first repelled, but beat their way back to the gates. As they shut Martius alone of the Romans is inside the gates. What do the others assume was his fate, only to see him emerge from the city, wounded but victorious?
1:8:1-22As the Volsces' army approaches the city and engages the Roman army, who does Martius fight with until they part breathless?
1:9:1-72In spite of Maritus' repeated requests to Cominius to stop praising him, what title does Cominius bestow on him?
2:1:1-99Who points out to the two tribunes, that they themselves possess the faults, especially pride, which they attribute to Coriolanus?
2:1:100-164Who seems to rejoice in not only the wounds that Coriolanus received in the presently concluded battles, but in all of his accumulated wounds from years of soldiering?
2:1:224-290Who is worried that if Coriolanus is elected to office on the basis of his recent exploits, he will oppose the poor, and even seek the dissolution of the tribune's office?
2:2:37-183To what office does the Senate wish to promote Coriolanus?
2:3:1-295To obtain the office, Coriolanus reluctantly goes to the people to gain their assent. After the required assent is procured, who incites the people to rescind that assent?
3:1:1-217Though Coriolanus promises to speak gently to the people, requesting their reaffirmation, he is goaded into anger and declares the offices of the tribunes should be abolished. What charge is levied against him by the plebeians and their tribunes?
3:2:1-113After much discussion, who finally talks Coriolanus into going back to the people yet again, and make false promises to support their cause?
3:3:1-173After the tribunes with premeditation accuse Coriolanus of seeking tyrannical power, and he looses his temper again, what punishment do they bestow on him?
4:5:1-162Coriolanus goes to Aufidius, and offers to aid him in his attack on Rome, or to accept what at his hands?
4:6:1-200Who do Menenius and Cominius berate for bringing calamity on Rome?
4:7:1-61What group of people begin to love Coriolanus apparently more than Aufidius, causing Aufidius to regret having made Coriolanus a general and results in his planning the demise of Coriolanus?
5:1:1-3:234As Coriolanus prepares to sack Rome he rejects pleas of mercy from both Cominius and Menenius.
5:6:84-155In front of the Senators, what does Aufidius call Coriolaus, intentionally seding Coriolanus into a rage during which he draws his sword?
5:6:156-180What happes to Coriolanus after he draws his sword?
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