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The coffee bean, is actually not a bean, but this.“Bean” only refers to the seeds of plants in the family Fabaceae.
The world's first webcam was created to keep tabs on a pot of coffee at this famous English university.The pot of coffee in the Trojan room computer lab was broadcast online from 1991 - 2001, and viewed by millions.
Legend has it that it was discovered when this animal ate it, and went a bit wild.This supposedly occurred in 9th-century Ethiopia, and is probably apocryphal, but shows that coffee was originally consumed as food, rather than a drink.
The most expensive coffee is harvested after being digested and excreted by this small catlike mammal.Apparently the digestion process gives the 'poop' coffee a complex, rounded taste, and commands $50+ a cup,
Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, second only to this.And there have been some successful attempts to power cars with coffee.
In India, these primates find the sweetest beans, chew them, and spit them out. The beans are then harvested.The coffee tastes very different, because the saliva causes enzymes in the bean to break down.
These made from swiflets' saliva are the foundation for a famous and expensive soup in Asia, but are also being added to coffee and cereal.The item sells for $2500 a kilogram.
National Geographic names the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, this.Nearly all commercially grown coffee comes from this region, covering Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
The earliest credible evidence for coffee drinking was used in shrines of this mystical branch of Islam.The shrines were located in Yemen. The drink was accused of being heretical, and was briefly repressed.
In Europe, there were appeals to ban coffee as being a drink of people of this religion.Pope Clement VIII approved it, and the first European coffee houses opened in Rome in 1645.
Coffee was introduced to England in 1650 in this university town.The original cafe is now a trendy cocktail bar, but The Queen's Lane Coffee House (1654) is still in existence today.
Coffee did not become popular in North America until this drink was boycotted.When first introduced to the colonies, alcoholic drinks were much preferred.
Coffee became more popular in the early United States during this war.Britain temporarily cut off access to tea.
British seamen made a coffee substitute by dissolving this in water.But first charring it (the Earl of Sandwich rolled over in his grave!)
This country produces about a third of the world's coffee.The largest country in South America.
This country is the number two exporter of coffee.Located in Southeast Asia.
It takes this many gallons of water to grow coffee seeds needed to produce one cup of coffee.Guess within 5 gallons.

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