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Can you name the Capitals of North America from their previous or alternate names?

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HintCapitalFurther Info
Tenochtitlan (1325); México Tenochtitlán (1524)Present Name: 1585; Federal District: 1824
Bytown (1826)Present Name: 1855; Provincial Capital: 1857
Belize City, NOT A FORMER NAME, but the former capital; the new capital, was created in 1970Belize City houses four embassies and 29 consulates, more than the new capital
Fort Royale (1666); Saint Louis; Port Louis; Ville de Fort Royale (Fort Royal Town)Present Name: 1763 after being ceded to Great Britain by the Treaty of Paris; Colonial Capital: 1880s
Pedrarias Dávila (Alternate name, after its founder 1519), Panamá la Vieja (Old Panama, original site, destroyed by Henry Morgan) Rebuilt five miles SW of original site, now know as Casco Viejo (Old Quarter of the city)
San Cristóbal de la HabanaA combination of the name of the city and its patron saint
Kaminaljuyu (Preclassic Maya city, 1500 - 1200 BC); Nueva Guatemala (1775); Guate (Alternate name)
Charles Town (burned to the ground in 1684)Present name: 1695
Cuzcatlan (Pipil capital near the current capital); The city, with its present name, changed location in 1528 and 1545The citiy's second site was called El Valle de Las Hamacas (The Valley of Hammocks) by the Spaniards, a translation of the name given it by the native Pipil people alluding to the need for beds that would sway during earthquakes
Colonel Barry's Hog Crawle (1692)
Leal Villa de Santiago de _____ (1819)Became capital after Granada was destroyed by a mercenary army in 1857
Cumucurapo (Native fishing village near the site of the present capital)Conqueraabia (possibly another native fishing village near or on the site of the present capital); 'Puerto de los Hispanioles', later 'Puerto de España' (Spanish ports)
Real de Minas de San Miguel de ______ (1578)Real Villa de San Miguel de _____ y Heredia (1762)
La Nueva Isabela (1496, after Isabella I); Ciudad Trujillo (1936 - 61 so named by the dictator Rafael Trujillo, after himself)It had its present name both before and after the dictator's rule
Port-Républicain, named by Etienne Polverel (1793) that 'the inhabitants be kept continually in mind of the obligations which the French Revolution imposed upon themGiven its present name by the nation's emperor, Jacques I; temporarily renamed Port-aux-Crimes after the assassination of Jacques I
Carenage ('Safe Ancorage' 1650)Given its present name in 1756
Indian Bridge (by first British explorers because they discovered the remnants of an Arawak bridge); Town of Saint Michael (1654); Present name given in 1842The only city outside of the present USA that George Washington visited

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