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Can you name the terms from and about The Brother's Karamazov, A -Z?

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Youngest of the three brothers, starts the novel as a noviceA
The difference between the middle and youngest brother represents the difference between doubt and thisB
Ecclesiastical office of the person who confronts Christ in The Grand InquisitorC
Author of the Brother's Karamazov (last name)D
Condition which Smerdyakov, and the author, suffer fromE
Father of the Karamazov Brothers (first name)F
Love interest of many, including the father and oldest son, undergoes significant, albeit not complete, redemption (diminutive)G
The first of three temptations that Christ overcame H
Middle son, rationalist who falls in love with his brothers betrothed (first name)I
A moral of the novel is that we should not do this to others, because we are all guilty of each others sinsJ
Dmitri pawned his dearest possession for 10 rubles because he did not have one of theseK
Character poised between the two philosophical poles of the novel: the love represented by Alyosha and the despair represented by IvanL
Crime of which Dmitri is accusedM
Literary Classification of the workN
Religion of the Karamazov's and author (1 word)O
The place, in the Grand Inquisitor, where Christ is detained, so that He does not interfere with the work of the ChurchP
What the police do to Dmitri, after the murder of his fatherQ
Country in which the Brother's Karamazov is setR
The illegitimate son of Father of the Karamazov brothersS
Real life saint on whom the monastic elder is basedT
Name of the narrator (this is a trick question!)U
'Occupation' of Smerdyakov's mother: _____ IdiotV
An inheritance is usually specified in this document, and his inheritance from his mother, was a cause for Dmitri's angerW
Number of 'books' making up the novel (not including the epilogue)X
Monk, spiritual advisor, Alyosha's teacherZ

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