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Can you name the basic terms from Blackjack? (Words are in alphabetical order.)

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Any counting system which has the same number of plus cards and minus cards...if the deck were counted down to the bottom, the sum would be zero.
A collection of actions that will offer the highest return on investment when you know only your point total and the dealers upcard; may vary according to rules.
The best possible hand in the game, made up of an ace and a card valued at 10.
Having a total over 21, resulting in an automatic loss.
The card that brings the hand's total over 21.
A brightly colored card that marks the point where the dealer will reshuffle, allow the player to cut the deck, and prevent the bottom card from being exposed.
Placing an additional bet equal to the original, and subsequently drawing only one additional card; may only be used on the first two cards.
A form of insurance a player can opt for when he has blackjack and the dealer has an ace showing.
The spot located to the dealer's left, the first to receive cards and the first to act.
Reaching five cards in one hand without busting; increasingly uncommon but casino may offer a 2:1 bonus for achieving it.
Any hand that contains an ace valued at 1, or contains no ace.
To ask for another card.
The second card to be dealt to the dealer that is dealt face down and not revealed to players until after they have acted upon their hands.
When dealer shows an ace, player can place a side bet of half the value of the original bet; if the dealer has blackjack, the player gets this wager back plus the original bet.
A number or fraction that represents how many cards/decks will be dealt before shuffling in contrast to the total number of cards/decks in play.
A blackjack game dealt from the hand of the dealer using 1 or 2 decks.
A tie; the player and dealer have hands with the same total.
A device used to hold multiple decks of cards typically 4, 6 or 8 prior to the dealer removing them one card at a time to be used during play.
A hand that includes an ace valued as 11.
If a player is dealt two cards of the same rank, he can choose to play each of them separately, putting up a bet for each one.
To stop asking for more cards.
Any hard hand where the possibility to exceed 21 exists by drawing an additional card namely 12,13,14,15 or 16.
To abandon your hand, while recovering half of your initial bet.
The betting spot located on the dealer's right which is last to act.
The card that the dealer is showing.

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