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Can you name the information about Black Adder episodes?

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Year aired originally
Year depicted
Battle won by Richard III
It wasn't sleeping with a sheep that disappointed Blackadder's mother, but this
Location of the lands taken away from Blackadder, given to Dougal McAngus
Ecclesiastical position Blackadder is installed
Blackadder is to be married to an infanta (child of King, not heir to the throne) from this country
Age of the 'woman' Blackadder marries
Crime for which Blackadder is condemned to death
The only title Blackadder is left with, spurring him to seize the throne
Writer (On all subsequent series as well)
Writer (On all subsequent series as well)
Year aired originally
Year depicted (type the first 3 numbers, leave off final year)
Shakespearean play that forms the basis for the episode with 'Bob'
Doctor prescribes this to cure Blackadder of homosexuality
Office which Blackadder is given, after the previous holder, accidently signs his name to the wrong paper
On Raleigh's return, everyone is smoking this
The name of Blackadders relatives who wish to discuss their inheritance
This type of contest is held during a dinner with the above mentioned relatives
Prince Ludwig, disguised as a waitress, slept with Blackadder; when he slept with Melchett, he was disguised as
Year aired originally
Century depicted
Newly appoined Prime Minister who plans on bankrupting the prince
Prime Ministers brother, who runs for MP on the Keep Royalty White, Rat Catching And Safe Sewage Residents Party
Person who seeks the Prince's patronage for his 'A Dictionary of the English Language'
The 'plot' of the aforementioned book, which the Prince finds 'saucy'
Author described by Blackadder as a 'huge Yorkshireman with a beard like a rhoddendron bush.'
French hero Blackadder is disgusted with, who ends up saving the day, before being poisoned by Blackadder
Play title which Blackadder continuously utters, forcing actors to repeatedly engage in a superstitious ritual
The Prince's eventual real-life bride, who is dismissed as a candidate to woo because she has met him
Play which provides the basis for Blackadder's assistance to the prince when the latter wishes to woe a potential bride
King and father of the prince who appears in the final episode, speaking with a German accent, though he was born in Britain, and never visited Germany
Duke who kills the prince, who is disguised as Blackadder
Year aired originally
Year depicted
King executed by Blackadder
What Blackadder holds up after pretending to have beheaded the King
Year aired originally
The name of the era depicted.
Author of the novel on which the episode is based.
Year aired originally
War the series depicted
The name of the area between the English and the Germans
The type of bird Blackadder dines on, the results in his court-martial
Name of the actor who requests that Blackadder serve as a projectionist for his films
Name of the pilot who shoots down Blackadder
Response of 'Mr. Smith' when he is asked if he is aware of any German spies; response convinces George that there are NINE spies
Release Date
Year set in
They use this to kill a Tyrannosaurus
The gift Lord Blackadder gives to the Queen, saving his life
Playwrite he punches saying, 'That is for every schoolboy and schoolgirl for the next four hundred years!'
He takes this from Robin Hood
He steals these from the Duke of Wellington
The wall at which they are attacked by Scotsmen
Baldrick's life flashes before his life as Blackadder almost drowns him in this

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