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Can you name the Black Adder characters?

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Column 1
Blackadder's name. 
King that is killed in the first episode, after winning the Battle of Bosworth Field.. 
King and father of Blackadder. 
Blackadder's mother, the Queen. 
Blackadder's older brother, the favorite son. 
Blackadder's friend. 
Blackadder's servant. 
Blackadder's name. 
Blackadder is in the court of this Queen 
Blackadder's friend. 
Blackadder's servant. 
Blackadder's chief rival through the series 
Demented attendant to the Queen 
Blackadder's name. 
Blackadder's 'dogsbody' 
Blackadder's 'employer' 
The owner of a coffehouse, whose descendent owned a never seen pieshop in Blackadder II 
Blackadder's name. 
Blackadder's servant. 
King Blackadder serves and kills. 
Ruler of England. 
Column 2
Blackadder's name. 
Blackadder's servant. 
Queen who had intended to reward Blackadder. 
Prince Consort of aforementioned Queen. 
Blackadder's name 
The officer and friend of Blackadder. 
Enlisted man and aid to Blackadder. 
Blackadder's superior officer. 
The aid to the superior officer, and Blackadder's nemesis. 
Title of Blackadder 
Title of Melchett 
Title of Darling 
Rank of George 
This person's plans were used to create a time machine 
During the Cretaceous Period they are attacked by this 
Queen he meets, who mistakes him for his ancestor 
Playwrite Blackadder obtains an autograph from, in reality, such an autograph holds the record for the most valuable autograph ever 
The person who captures Blackadder in Sherwood Forest, and who Blackadder gets killed 
The person he meets at Waterloo 

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