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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 10 Words That Come from 'Mother' according to Merriam-Webster?

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Modern MeaningHappy Mother's Day!Hints
large city — particularly
an important one
In ancient Greece it referred to the mother city of a colony.
It comes from the Greek mētēr, 'mother' + polis, 'city'
a school one attended,
or that school's song
Latin for 'nurturing mother.'
A title for such goddesses as Ceres, the Roman goddess of the growth of food plants,
and Cybele, worshipped as the universal mother of gods, humans, and animals.
one who pursues an
activity for love, not money
Origins may be from the Latin amare, 'love,' and it may be related
to the early (pre 12th century) Germanic, amma 'mother' or 'nurse.'
a woman belonging
to a religious order
Its Late Latin ancestor nonna named a child's nurse. Nonna came from baby talk.
So did the Greek nanna ('female relative' or 'aunt'), the Sanskrit nanā ('mother'),
the Welsh nain ('grandmother'), and the Albanian nanë ('mother').
a situation or set of
conditions in which
something develops or forms
This word comes from the Latin mater, 'mother.'
It's original, now-archaic meaning was 'uterus.'
a common garden
plant with a yellow flower
Named for the Mother of Jesus and the color of the flower.
the state or condition
of being married
Comes from the Latin mater, 'mother,' reflecting the traditional role of marriage in legalizing motherhood – allowing women to produce legitimate children and heirs.
On the other hand, marital is from the Latin maritus, Latin for 'married' & 'husband.'
a small genus of orb-weaving spiders including the common black and gold garden spiderNamed after a nymph and mother of a celebrated bard.
Spin out the tale a bit further, and you learn that these spiders have
been known to trap nymphs – sexually immature insects – in their webs.
a shrub with nodding
white or pink flowers,
found in cold climates
Named for the mythical queen of Ethiopia who angered Poseidon, by claiming that
she and her daughter, Andromeda, were more beautiful than the sea-nymphs.
As punishment, Poseidon placed her, upside-down, high in the
sky near the north pole, where a constellation bears her name.
the thing that forms physical objects and occupies spaceOriginates from the Latin mater, 'mother.' Mater was shaped into materia,
meaning 'physical substance.' Materia eventually developed into this word.
The connection is uncertain, but perhaps it's because we all 'made' from a mother.

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