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Can you name the Athletes Described, Who Took Pay Cuts?

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Year and TeamPlayer taking a cutHint
2010 Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat$15 million cut, over 6 years
2010 Toronto Raptors to Miami Heat$15 million cut, over 6 years
2013 San Antonio Spurs$10 - 11.5 dollar cut, more than a 50% reduction,
dropping him from the 3rd highest-earning NBA player to the 61st
2010 Miami Heat$18 million cut, over 6 years, given up to
allow the team to sign other high paid players
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers$3 million cut, almost a 67% decrease,
followed a $2.7 million pay cut the previous year
2010 Minnesota TwinsTens of millions of dollars, but even after the cut, remained one of
the most highly paid catchers in the history of the game
2014 Dallas MavericksReported to be willing to take a significant pay cut
to stay with Mavericks for 2014-2015 season
2011 Washington Wizards to Miami HeatForewent $6.2 million he would have received with the Wizards to join
the Heat in 2011 at the league minimum, in order to play on a contender
2012 Anaheim AngelsLeft ~$15 million on the table by giving the Angels a hometown discount
2013 Minnesota Timberwolves to Brooklyn Nets$7 million cut, from 10.2 to 3.1, in order to play for the Nets
2012 Yomiuri Giants$4.4 million cut, the largest in Japanese baseball history
2010 Miami HeatRefused offers of $10-$14 million pay increase, in order to stay with the Heat
2005 Miami HeatGave up $30 million deal for 2005, in exchange for a 5 year contract at $10 million a year less, he remained the top earning NBA player even after the cut
1995 Los Angeles Kings$2.3 million cut (actually it was the way his multi-year contract was structured),
and still remained the highest paid player in the NHL
2014 Milwaukee Brewers to Seattle MarinersComing off knee surgery, he felt he owed the fans a cut, because he hadn't been able to contribute for the season, and accepted a $4 million cut from $10 to $6 million
2012 Bay Area Team (Not a player, but a team)Of the six SF Bay Area teams, only the Raiders had an increase in their average salary; name the team that had the largest drop in average salary,
more than a $500,000 decrease from $2.4 to $1.8 million

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