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Act: Scene: LineAnswerHint
1:1:1-170After Orlando complains to his brother Oliver that his upbringing has been neglected, what type of contest does Oliver encourage, hoping that Orlando will break his neck?
1:1:95-119Though Duke Senior, the rightful duke, has been banished by his brother Duke Frederick; who is allowed to stay at court to keep Celia, Frederick's daughter, company?
1:2:91-261; 1:3:1-37Who, disingenuously, asks Rosalind to try to talk Orlando out of the match, feigning concern for him? Though she fails to talk him out of it, he wins the match and Rosalind's heart.
1:3:38-93What unexplained punishment does Duke Frederick mete out to Rosalind, possibly fearing her popularity or the sympathy she might receive from the people?
1:3:94-145When Celia suggests they go to the Forest of Arden to seek Rosalind's father (her uncle), she proposes they disguise themselves as brother and sister. Celia will be a shepherdess, Aliena. What name does Rosalind adopt?
2:1:1-73As the banished Duke Senior is relating the comparative beauty of country life over court life, he is made aware of a 'charge' by the melancholy Jaques who claims Duke Senior is a worse usurper than his brother because he kills what?
2:2:1-21When Duke Frederick finds both Rosalind and Celia, missing along with Touchstone, who does he send for to help find them?
2:3:1-77When Orlando returns home, his late father's faithful servant Adam offers him his service and life savings and urges him to flee because Oliver is going to kill him. How is Oliver planning to kill Orlando?
2:4:21-60For whom does Rosalind's group overhears Silvius pining over to Corin?
2:5:1-61After Amiens and others sing of the joys of country life over life in the court, who sings his parody on the folly of leaving the court for the simple life?
2:7:1-90After meeting one in the woods, what does Jaques tell Duke Senior he wants to be? The Duke is agreeable, though he expresses his doubts that Jaques will excel in the position.
2:7:91-212What does Orlando try to steal from Duke Senior, mostly out of concern for Adam, before realizing the Duke would gladly share it? He apologizes, and the Duke comes to realize Orlando is the son of his good friend.
3:1:1-18Duke Frederick, furious with the disappearance of his daughter, and suspecting Orlando, gives Oliver how long to find Orlando, threatening confiscation of all his property if he fails?
3:2:11-85With whom does Touchstone come up short with in a battle of wits over the nature of courtly and pastoral life?
Where does Orlando hang his bad love poetry, written for Rosalind who finds them ridiculous but is enthralled by them nonetheless, especially after she finds they were written by Orlando?
3:2:299-443What does Rosalind, in disguise, promise Orlando she can cure him of, even though she says she doubts he suffers from it
3:3:1-108Touchstone's planned marriage to a simple shepherdess is delayed so that they can be married where?
3:4, 5As Rosalind, still disguised as a male, is distraught over Orlando's failure to show for an appointment, she and Celia go to watch a lover being scorned. Who falls in love with Rosalind?
3:5:116-150To whom does Phoebe turn to help her compose and deliver messages to Rosalind?
4:1:1-115After Rosalind chides Jaques, for his melancholy, and also critiques an excess of laughter, and then chides Orlando for his tardiness, what does she assure Orlando no one has ever died from?
4:1:116-186What event does Rosalind warn Orlando changes both men and women?
4:3:1-192After Rosalind receives a love letter from the shepherdess, who arrives with a bloody handkerchief, explaining that Orlando is late because Orlando was wounded saving his life? The man professes he has had a change of life as a result.
5:2:1-19With whom does Oliver fall in love with, promising Orlando to give him all of his property if Orlando gives his consent?
5:2:20-77Rosalind, still in disguise, promises to produce Rosalind to be wed to Orlando at Oliver's wedding on the following day. From whom does she claim to have the power to so do?
5:2:78-86Rosalind promises to marry Phoebe on the next day, unless Phoebe refuses. But who does she make Phoebe promise to marry if Phoebe does indeed refuse to marry her?
5:4:1-111In addition to the three couples, who else shows up to be wed?
5:4:112-155When Rosalind reveals her true identity to the others, cementing all of the marriages, who accompanies her?
5:4:156-185When Oliver and Orlando's brother arrives, who does he tell them has taken up the religious life, paving the way for all who wish to return to the court?
5:4:186-207What former member of the court decides to stay in the forest?
EpilogueWhat is unusual about the character that gives the Epilogue?

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