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Can you answer the questions about the plot of Antony and Cleopatra? (Part 2)

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Act: Scene: LineAnswerHint
3:10:1-29Who does Scarus say first retreated from the naval battle?
3:10:1-29Who does Scarus then relate followed 'like a doting mallard, leaving the fight in height?'
3:30-45Who defects to Caesar with his legions and those of 6 kings after the first naval battle?
3:11:50-82After Antony berates Cleopatra, and she begs forgiveness, what does she give Antony that he says repays him?
3:12:1-30Antony sends a messenger to Caesar requesting he be allowed to stay in Egypt, and failing that to be allowed to live as a private citizen where? Both requests are denied.
3:12:25-30Caesar sends message that he will listen to her request to keep her monarchy if she drives Antony from Egypt OR do what?
3:13:24-95After Antony challenges Caesar to one-on-one combat, Thidias gets Cleopatra to offer her crown to Caesar by suggesting that she had followed Antony not out of love, but out of what emotion?
3:13:96-166What does Antony do to Thidias when he sees him kiss her hand?
3:13:167-242Who decides to defect to Caesar after Antony and Cleopatra decide to attack Caesar again?
4:3:7-31What do the guards hear from under the ground, and are convinced that it portends that Hercules has left Antony?
4:5:1-25What does Anthony send to Enobarbus?
4:6:24-44When Enobarbus receives the aforementioned items from Antony, he seeks out a ditch... in order to do what?
4:7:1-21Who wins the land battle?
4:11:1-4Where does Caesar intend to wage the third battle?
4:12:1-33Who again withdraws from the battle first, leading to disaster and fears of betrayal once again?
4:13:1-14Cleopatra flees to her monument and has word sent to Antony that she is what?
4:14:1-110After Antony compares his 'fall' from a Roman warrior to and Easterner led by passions, to shifting clouds taking on various shapes, and then learns of Cleopatra's supposed death, what does he ask Eros to do?
4:14:110-115In order to not to have to obey Antony's request, what does Eros do?
4:14:116-141In one last effort to show himself a true Roman, what does Antony then do?
4:14:142-172When the mortally wounded Antony learns that Cleopatra is still alive, to whom does he request to be carried?
4:15:1-59As he is dying, whom of Caesar's men alone does Antony tell Cleopatra she can trust?
5:2:1-50Who assures Cleopatra that Caesar will treat her well, and as he is reassuring her, Caesar's soldiers apprehend Cleopatra taking away the dagger she tries to kill herself with?
5:2:66-136Who admits to Cleopatra that Caesar intends to march her in triumph?
5:2:295-437A countryman brings in a basket of figs. What is hidden in the basket that Cleopatra uses to kill herself, procuring in her eyes a victory over Caesar, denying him the pleasure of reducing her to a slave?

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