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Can you answer the questions about the plot of Antony and Cleopatra? (Part 1)

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1:1:1-14In order to contrast Antony's present state as a strumpet's fool, the soldier Philo compares his general's former character to what Roman god of war?
1:1:20-45Who unsuccessfully urges Antony to accept the messenger from Rome?
1:2:93-214Whose reported death after leading a rebellion against Caesar is a catalyst for Anthony's decision to return to Rome?
1:3:41-127Who is furious with Anthony for deciding to go to Rome?
1:4:1-87Who chides Lepidus for being lenient in criticizing Antony's life in Egypt, but when he hears of Pompey's strength at sea, and the piracy of Memecrates and Menas in support of him, wishes Antony's presence, recalling his previous valor in battle?
1:5:40-58What memento does Antony send to Cleopatra as he departs Egypt?
1:5:59-70When Cleopatra asks if Antony was sad or merry what response, which pleases her, does she receive?
1:5:70-93What does Cleopatra vow to do every day?
2:1:1-62Who is unpleasantly surprised at Antony's return to Rome, and predicts that Antony and Caesar will bury their differences for the moment?
2:2:1-16Who rejects Lepidus' plea to advise Antony to speak gently to Caesar, saying Anthony will speak 'like loud as Mars?'
2:2:53-After Antony excuses himself from Caesar's accusations about his brother's and wife's revolt and dismissing his messenger, but admits he should have been more diligent in providing military support, who first suggests Antony and Octavia wed?
2:2:275-288Who does Enobarbus insist Antony will never leave, even after his marriage to Octavia?
2:3:1-46With whom does Antony agree that Caesar's fortunes will be higher than his own?
2:5:74What does Cleopatra do to the messenger who tells her Antony has married Octavia?
2:5:139-148What is Cleopatra interested in finding out about Octavia?
2:6:37-61During their conference, after Antony thanks Pompey for being kind to his mother, Pompey agrees to rid the sea of pirates and to send wheat to Rome. What lands are he promised in return for peace?
2:7:59-97When Menas asks Pompey if he should kill the members of the Triumvirate, thus making Pompey ruler of the world, Pompey tells him he would have been grateful had he done it, but scolds him for asking because if he gave permission it would be an affront to his what?
2:7:117-149As everyone celebrates the agreement between Pompey and the Triumvirate, and Lepidus becomes drunk and foolish, who complains about the level of drinking and levity?
3:1:1-39As Silius extols Ventidus' victory over Parthia and the death of the king's son, he encourages Ventidius to continue the battle and gain more land. Ventidius refuses because he is afraid that too much success will trouble whom?
3:3:4-55After the messenger reports that Octavia is, in essence, not Cleopatra's equal, what does she give to him?
3:4:1-41After Antony learns that Caesar had attacked Pompey, and had slighted him publicly, who does he send to Rome to negotiate with Caesar?
3:5:1-25After defeating Pompey, to whom does Caesar not only deny spoils of the war, but imprisons?
3:6:45-74After complaining to Octavia that she did not arrive in Rome with the requisite pomp, Caesar asks his sister where Anthony is. What is her response?
3:6:75-112Where does Caesar tell his wife Antony actually is, causing her great consternation?
3:7:24-102Antony's generals point out that Caesar's fleet is swifter and manned by professionals, whereas his is manned by impressed sailors, and strongly suggest meeting Caesar's forces on land. Cleopatra offers 60 ships to meet Caesar's forces by sea. Where does Antony decide to meet Caesar?

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