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Fastest land animal at distances under 1000 yards70-75 mph
Fastest land animal at distances over 1000 yards61 mph
Slowest-moving land mammal0.15 mph
Fastest dog39 mph
Tallest animal16-20 feet
Largest animal ever; heaviest marine mammal200 short tons
Longest-lived mammal90-year lifespan
Fastest fish68 mph
Slowest fish5 feet per hour
Largest mollusk, by massrecord: 1091 lb
Largest living land animalave: 13.1 ft tall at shoulders; 15,000 lb
Largest bear; largest meat-eating animal that lives on landboth up to 1500 lb
Longest-living vertebrate animaloldest claim 255 years (1750 - 2005, named Adwaita, owned by Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) Zoo; oldest uncontested 188 years
Largest living primate300-400 lb in wild; record 510 lb in wild; up to 600 lb in captivity
Animal with the most highly developed brainAt least for the most part!
Smallest living mammal by length1.1 to 1.3 inches in length
Smallest living mammal by weight0.042 to 0.095 oz; .063 oz on average
Smallest breed of dogave 6-10 inches tall; all must be < 6 lb (for classification purposes)
Tallest breed of all dogsave 3 feet tall at shoulder; up to 3.3 ft or more
Longest venomous snakeup to 18.5 ft in length
Longest snake30 feet
Heaviest snakerecord: 215 lb
Largest lizardup to 10 ft; 150 lb
Largest amphibianaverage 3.8 ft, but up to 6 ft (though rare)
Largest and most powerful feline animalup to 670 lb; body length up to 11 feet
Largest and most powerful wild cat in the Western Hemisphere124–211 lb, up to 350 lbs; 3.9 to 6.4 ft nose to tail
Largest living land bird; largest flightless bird; bird with the largest egg140–320 lb, up to 346 lbs; 6' 11'' to 9' 2'' in height; egg: over 3 lbs, 4'' by 7''
Largest bird that can fly; heaviest flying bird of preyup to 33 lb
Fastest flying small birdover 100 mph for short distances
Fastest flying birdover 200 mph
Smallest bird; smallest vertebrate animal2 inches; .06 ounces
Bird with the largest wingspanAve: 8' 3'' to 11' 6''; 12'2'' verified; up to 17'5'' reported
Bird whose nest is the largestUp to 13 ft deep; 8.2 ft wide; and 1.1 tons in weight
Largest rodent3.51 to 4.40 ft in length; stand 20 to 25 in tall at the withers; and typically weigh 77 to 150 lb (record 162 lb)
Only flying mammal(Flying Squirrel actually glides)

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