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Eldridge Gerry (1744-1814), the governor of Massachusetts, and later Vice-President under Madison, drew very weirdly shaped districts to ensure his party's success.Gilbert Stuart, artist of the famous portrait of Washington, added a head, eyes, wings, and claws, saying it looked like a salamander. His editor suggested he call it this, making it the first word in American parlance to be coined from a cartoon.
In 1828, his opponents labeled Andrew Jackson this animal, for his populist beliefs, Jackson used the insult to his advantage, including this animal on campaign posters.In 1870 Thomas Nast resurrected the symbol of this animal attacking a dead lion, representing a deceased member of Lincoln's cabinet, and this animal became entrenched as a symbol of the Democratic Party.
In 1874, Thomas Nast, again in Harper's Weekly, pictured the Democratic animal in a lion's skin, scaring away other animals.This animal, one of the animals chased away, was labeled 'The Republican Vote' and the animal became the symbol of the GOP.
In 1928, Walt Disney gave the world this creation.Cheap watches with Disney's creation were put on wristwatches, and soon anything shoddy or trivial was referred to as this.
This HT Webster's comic-strip character, has become a synonym for a weak, unassertive man.Webster described him as the man who speaks softly and gets hit with a big stick.
George Baker, a Disney artist drafted into the army, created this character which has come to designate a pathetically inept man, especially a soldier, for Yank, The Army Weekly.After his discharge the character continued in a comic strip, comic book series, radio program, and a Jerry Lewis film.
Elzie Segar created this character as a side-kick to what later became the Popeye comic strip.It has come to mean a timid, cowardly, or unadventurous person.
Elzie Segar also repopularized (though did not invent) this word, from another group of characters in Popeye, including one named Alice.It has come to mean thug or lackey, though Alice was usually portrayed as relatively nice.
The Katzenjammer Kids may be responsible for the phrase ON THE ____.It may have come from the name of one of the hyperactive German boys who caused all sorts of troubles.
For eight decades, Blondie's husband has made monstrous sandwiches.The massive repasts he concocts are now know as ______ sandwiches.
This word has been uttered by Homer for years.In 2001, Homer's addle-pated exclamation entered the estimable Oxford English Dictionary, sans apostrophe.

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