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1:1:1-58At the opening of the play the countess' husband, Bertram's father, has recently passed away, as has Helen's father; who is sick, and expected to die soon?
1:1:59-103To where has Bertram been summoned, causing not only his mother much grief, but also brings great sorrow to Helen who is deeply in love with him?
1:1:104-235Who enters, engaging Helen in a very risque discussion on virginity? (Helen matches wit with him, and before he takes his leave, she manages to insult him quite bluntly)
1:2:1-227Before the countess pushes Helen to confess her love, she tells Helen that she should consider her as her own mother; Helen is reluctant to agree to this, because it would make Bertram what?
1:2:228-273To where does the countess agree Helen should go, in order to be with Bertram, and further to tend to the king?
2:1:1-231After the king allows all the nobles to go off to war on whichever side they will (except for Bertram), Helen appears; the king agrees to allow her to try to cure him because she agrees to be executed if she fails; if she succeeds, what does she ask the king to allow her to choose?
2:3:1-127After the king recovers, Helen chooses Bertram; Bertram says he does not want to marry Helen because she is merely a what?
2:3:128-197Though Helen agrees to release the king of his vow, the king both recounts Helen's virtues and insists on what?
2:3:198-281Who defends Bertram's actions to Lefew, and, after being insulted by Lefew says that if Lefew were not so old, he would challenge him to a duel?
2:3:282-316Bertram tells Parolles that he will not bed his wife; where is he going to run away to?
2:4:1-58Who does the fool revile as a knave?
2:5:1-55Who does Lafew warn Bertram not to put his trust in?
2:5:56-102As Bertram sends Helen to his home, Rossillion, telling her that pressing business will force him to absent himself from her on their wedding night, what does he refuse to do?
3:2:1-80The countess receives a letter from Bertram saying he will stay away from France for as long as he is married; Helen receives a letter from him saying that he will he will never be a husband to her unless she is pregnant with his child and she is able to procure what?
3:2:1-109As the countess reviles her son's actions, who does she complain is a bad influence on him?
3:3:1-14To what rank has the Duke of Florence raised Bertram?
3:4:1-44Helen informs the countess in a letter that she is leaving, ostensibly to allow Bertram to return; what is she going to become?
3:5:1-120In Florence, as the widow and her daughter Diana discuss the feats of Bertram and the rumors of his spurned wife, who do the women revile (they revile him again after meeting Helen, dressed as a pilgrim)?
3.6.1-121Falling into a trap set by the two Lords/captains Dumaine, to show Bertram Parolles' true character, what item lost in battle does Parolles swear he will retrieve?
3:7:1-54Who does Helen ask the widow to allow her daughter Diana to trick, enticing him to her bed while she takes Diana's place?
4:2:1-87As Bertram attempts to seduce Diana, what item does Diana obtain from Bertram?
4:3:1-100As the two Lords/Captains Dumaine discuss the end of the war, whose rumored death, causing Bertram to prepare to return to France, do they also talk about?
4:3:101-362The two Lords/Captains Dumaine interrogate a blindfolded Parolles, who believes he has been captured by the enemy; Parolles gives away secrets, and speaks ill of the two Lords; who else does he harshly criticize, while that person is watching?
4:5:70-90As news of the reported death has arrived in Rossillion, where Lafew and the countess are awaiting the arrival of the king, who do they agree should marry Bertram?
5:2:1-55Who appears as a beggar, and is fed by Lafew?
5:2:56-147As the king announces his forgiveness, and Bertram agrees to a new marriage, what item does Bertram give to his new prospective bride, causing great suspicion?
5:2:148-263As Bertram is lying about how he came across the item, a letter from Diana arrives saying that Bertram had promised himself to her; as Bertram insists she was a loose woman, what item does she produce supporting her contention?
5:2:264-359As the King is about to throw both Bertram (for the murder of Helen) and Diana in jail, Helen appears, showing the letter that Bertram had written her earlier; she demonstrates the two conditions were fulfilled that he demanded, namely she was pregnant with his child, and she was given what?
5:2:360-79Who does Bertram agree to love dearly?

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