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R (3)Distance between the center of a power series' interval of convergence & its end- points; if the series only converges at a point, it is 0; if over all real numbers, it is ∞.
R (1)The set of values assumed by a function or relation over all permitted values of the independent variable(s).
R (2)A convergence test used when terms of a series contain factorials and/or nth powers.
R (2)The set of numbers indicated by the letter Q.
R (2)Another name for Cartesian Coordinates.
R (2)A polyhedron for which all faces are rectangles.
R (2)A formula requiring the computation of all previous terms to find the value of an.
R (2)Two numbers for which the only common factor is 1.
R (4)The difference between the nth partial sum and the sum of a series.
R (2)The assertion that P(c) is the remainder when polynomial P(x) is divided by x – c.
1st letter/# wordsTermHint
R (2)A point at which a graph is not connected but can be made connected by filling in a single point.
R (2)The use of a domain for a function that is smaller than the function's domain of definition; commonly used to specify a one-to-one section of a function.
R (2)An approximation of an interval by partitioning the interval, drawing rectangles over sub-intervals, and adding up the areas of the rectangles.
R (2)Non-Euclidean geometry in which there are no parallel lines; usually thought of as taking place on the surface of a sphere.
R (2)Calculus theorem ensuring existence of a critical point between any two points on a 'nice' function having the same y-value.
R (3)Average used in statistics & engineering; square numbers in a set, find arithmetic mean of squares, take square root of mean.
R (2)A convergence test used when series terms contain nth powers.
R (1)A transformation in which a plane figure turns around a fixed center point.
R (6)Form of a matrix; each row contains only 0's, until first non-zero element, which must be 1.

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