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Can you name the advanced math terms beginning with D & E?

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D (1)10th and 90th percentiles of a data set.
D (2)The limit of a Riemann sum as the norm of the partition approaches zero.
D (1)A 'triangle' formed by three collinear points, would be called this.
D (2)For {x: 0 < |x – a| < δ}; the set of all numbers less than δ units away from a, omitting the number a itself.
D (2)
D (2)Formula to find powers & roots of complex numbers; for any real x & any integer n, (cosx + isinx)n = cos(nx) + isin(nx).
D (4)The maximum number of positive zeros for a polynomial = the number of sign changes.
D (1)An tiny or Infinitesimal change in the value of a variable.
D (2)Angle formed by intersecting planes.
D (1)A set with elements that are disconnected.
D (1)Compound statement joining 2 simple statements with 'OR'.
D (1)The union of a circle and its interior.
D (1)To fail to approach a finite limit.
D (1)A polyhedron with 12 faces.
1st letter/# wordsTermHint
D (2)A geometric figure made up of two right circular cones placed apex to apex.
E (1)Ratio: distance from the center of an ellipse to a focus / distance from center to a vertex.
E (1)For two given points, the foci, the locus of points such that the sum of the distance to each focus is constant.
E (1)A sphere-like surface for which all cross-sections are ellipses.
E (2)Non-Euclidean geometry, no parallel lines.
E (2)Any relation that satisfies the reflexive, symmetric, and transitive properties.
E (2)A discontinuity that is not removable.
E (1)Greek author of Elements.
E (2)Line segment passing through a triangle’s orthocenter, centroid, & circumcenter.
E (2)e + 1 = 0
E (2)A function in which the dependent variable can be written explicitly in terms of the independent variable.
E (3)A theorem which guarantees the existence of an absolute max and an absolute min for any continuous function over a closed interval.
E (1)An extreme value of a function; either relative (local) or absolute (global).

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