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The play starts with Theseus, the Duke of what city, preparing for marriage with Hippolyta?1:1:1-15
Who petitions the duke to force his daughter, Hermia, to marry a man she does not love?1:1:20-45
To whom does Hermia's father wish her to be wed?1:1:20-45
To whom does Hermia wish to be wed?1:1:52-56
The duke threatens to execute Hermia or force her to become what, if she refuses her father?1:1:65, 66
Who, spurned by Demetrius, betrays the couple's plans to run away, and follows them into the forest?1:1:200-251
Who is the leader of the tradesmen preparing to put on a play for the Duke's wedding?1:2:1ff
Who hijacks the play, insisting that he would be the best to play almost every part?1:2:2ff
What play will the tradesmen put on? (Give either the full title, or the abbreviated 3-word title.)1:2:10
Who is worried about playing Thisbe, because he is growing a beard?1:2:41
Who is afraid to play the lion, because he may not remember the lines?1:2:60
What is the name of the king of the Fairies upset with his queen?2:1:60-145
Whose arrow pierced a flower as he took aim at a fair vestal, most probably a reference to Queen Elizabeth I, and missed, giving the flower magical properties?2:1:155-170
Who does the king of the fairies send to find the flower?2:1:155-170
Helena begs Demetrius' affection, by pleading for him to treat her like what kind of animal?2:1:206-211
While the king of the fairies squeezes the flowers juice on his queen's eyes, on whose eyes does Puck mistakenly squeeze the juice, causing him to fall in love with Helena?2:2:33-40, 72-162
What do the craftsmen propose to write, to let the audience know that the actor playing Pyramus does not really kill himself, and the lion is not a real lion?3:1:8-40
The craftsmen decide the moon must be played by an actor. He is to carry two traditional accessories of the man in the moon: a bush of thorns, and what else?3:1:51, 52
What type of head does Puck give Bottom, that frightens his friends away?3:1:90-101
Who falls in love with the transformed Bottom?3:1:114
Who squeezes the flower juice in the eyes of Demetrius, ensuring that he will fall in love with Helena, and thus almost causing Demetrius and Lysander to kill each other?3:2:101-109
Helena is distraught to have both men pursue her because she thinks they are doing what?3:2:122ff.
Who cures Lysander of his magic induced love for Helena?3:2:354-463
What does the Fairy Queen agree to give the Fairy King resulting in the king removing the spell from his queen and having Puck restore the craftsman to his former form.4:1:45-100
Who, with his betrothed and Hermia's father, finds the four lovers, and permits their two marriages?4;1:101-185
As marital festivities break up, Oberon offers a blessing on the three couples, and what else?5:1:384-405
In the epilogue, what does Puck request the audience to consider the evening, if they have been offended?5:1:406-410

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