A Homophonic Tale

Can you translate the incorrectly used homophones?

Homophonic TaleTranslation
Hears sum rye,
humerus pros eye
rote won idol
mourning our discreetly
four nun butt
deer auld eddy
ewe. Watt hee
once mussed bee
dun fore hymn.
Bye chants, wood
yew - sunny buoy,
chased made - chews
riches sighed inn
uh capitol caws,
Dane two lone
you're assistants two
Dix kneed? Mite
eww gneiss guise,
suite Mrs. aurally
reed mai hole
peace allowed? Ewe
wood? Tea he!
Yea! Hay! Aye
guest rite!
Gays, stair, canvas,
saver mai epoch
owed too write-
whey righting. Yule
here ore sea
Howe ate-carrot,
goaled-plaited versus
martial hour census;
rays hour aw;
seam owe sew
bowled, tern boulder -
hear oar oversees,
sealing two seller,
there scull, lox,
I browse, knows
rite too they're
shoos, heals, souls,
feat, tows.
Three awl-whys
sol praise, seize,
here's, nose weave
finely one uh
whirled-premier, grayed-
eh, tighten pries
baste awn reel
fax inn bettor,
meteor, Whittier, finally-
maid plotz witch
plum purist soles.
Grate read-wight-
blew pried ads
flare, caries wait,
urns ascent, complements,
hie preys, lo
boughs four mai
hail, cereal tail.
Its acute butte!
Adherence clammer fore
Currant stile guyed
lessens billed trussed;
holed wait; we've
whit; Wynne meddles;
illicit acclimation - bayou
fare-hewed flours;
popery sashays; whine
sands pier; pallet-
peeking deserts; minx
firs; sheik close,
Whigs, warn genes;
rapt presence pact
inn uh bo-
tide Bach's.
Aye - you're bazaar
barred; meet mews;
franc auricle; pore,
plane profit; trustee
Homophonic TaleTranslation
tooter - whish Yul
knot Bea hostel
ore pea owed
o'er doughs, knapping
allot, two dammed
board buy bass,
cheep, feint, heirless,
miner, stayed, stationery,
wurst Babel witch
Mrs. Marx.
Dew knot caul
mi uh rued,
ruff faux; uh
foe, lacks lyre;
uh sari, week-
need cowered; oar
uh doer, callus,
mien nave hoo
lax principals ore
manors, hoo wood
except graphed o'er
hied oar berry
boos, licker, logger
bier, pail ail,
junkie jinn, oar
heroine; ore uh
sic, grocer, teste
putts (two quoin
uh frays) hoo
wood insight uh
coo two sees
uh hansom princess
thrown; steel uh
faro's lute - joules,
purls, cache, Czechs -
uh shakes whored;
o'er rayed uh
precedence wore rheum.
'Holed yore hoarse!
Clothes you're pi
whole! Doo pennants!
Your cane, knot
able - uh phat-
but hangar-awn,
uh cursor hoo
boarders awn shear
roomer! Aye overate
yew!' isle repost,
mach, tees, sensor.
Yoo hoo red
mai holy Abel,
Ernest whirred maize
wright threw Cannes
coolie fined patients
bye wresting you're
world, phased, waisted
mined fora we
bitt. Quires carrel
coral cords, Cokes
daze berth. Wholly
serifs clime startlet,
Ariel piques inn
sonny whether.
Reign-beaus ark.
Uh summary see
Bries throes knew
cedes, maze colonels.
Lightning lodes, rapped
harts ryes, sore -
born hi, razed
hire, Leica gnu
Whiled bores, mousse,
yacks, lamas, news
grays inn uh
heard. Hairs, dear,
doze, fauns gamble
inn Haydn Sikh.
Aunts, Beatles, flees,
knits, leaches, tics
borough. Lam, use
lo, bah. Bronx
Homophonic TaleTranslation
knicker, Winnie. Grisly
bare clause. Katz
per. Pidgin coups.
Cox Crowe. Fouls
cheap. Signets lei.
Wales, mores, raise,
guild Marlon pea.
Links a tax,
bytes. Guerrillas inn
troupes eight pares,
aplomb. Quayle, Robyn,
be, burred flu.
Illegals wield, sword.
Mewls, burrows braid.
Towed staid.
Wont Moore, rood
guessed? Aisle knot
paws butt -
Pee Dee Cue,
toot sweet - altar
hour mooed.
He'd fay cymbals
ore sines witch
cents bruit pane,
worn ore bowed
dyer straights, baron
whoa, crewel fete:
Wringing belles peeled,
told grizzly knight,
chili rein, roomy
missed, Erie Paul.
Inn uh Grimm
would Cyprus routes
frees. Beach bows
sheikh. Timbre! Vial
gilt wreaks. Few!
Uh fowl cent
Styx too dents,
teaming heir.
Taught, tents mussels
flecks, titan. Vanes
leek. Sells whither.
Limns brews, creek.
Soars oohs. Wastes
synch. Naval hertz.
Hare reseeds. Elicit,
band hoars ewes
sects. Murderess gorillas
mustard fuhrer, wheeled
axis, chute canons,
serge, sleigh heeling
piece, pray awn
holey fryers, reck
Seine scents. Wii
pour retches, spade
UNIX, cant bare
undo torcher oar
sloe dyeing, sow
whee brewed, 'Thyme,
tied whacks, wain -
weight fore Noh
'Weir Dunne. Wheel
loch hour gait,
role, flea, peddle,
sale aweigh,' wee
whale, wine, ball.
'Idyll ours flue
passed Leica soared-
baring night, hoo
road foreword caste
inn male,' Wii
grown, mown, mule,
wile whet tiers
coarse, poor, floe.
Wracking size brake
fourth. Weal Finnish,
waive by! ado!
high hoe! chow!
Silents rains.
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More Info:
  • From Mensa Bulletin, Jan 2015 from a tale composed by Richard Lederer. (Used with permission)
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2017

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