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Can you give the Nickname of these Seven Unfortunately Named Monarchs?

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Reign; MonarchNicknameInformation
Ivan IV, Tsar of Russia
He murdered his son, and only viable heir to his throne, inaugurating the 'Time of Troubles.'
Mary I, Queen of England
She had about 300 Protestants executed; Henry VII had between 57,000 - 72,000 executed in a reign that was less than six times as long...
Charles II, King of France and Holy Roman Emperor
Historians debate whether he had a need for rogaine, the name may have been ironic, or even a compliment.
Ivaylo, Tsar of Bulgaria
Born a peasant, he led an uprising and killed Tsar Konstantin; He was beheaded shortly thereafter, and two pretenders rose using the same leafy gas-producing nickname.
William I, King of Sicily
Actually a progressive ruler who promoted science and letters, and practiced religious tolerance. William’s infamy initially came from his suppression of the power of Sicily’s barons in favor of a more centralized authority. But even with his newfound royal authority, he lost Sicily’s African territories by 1160 and rebellions erupted.
Charles VI, King of France
Also known as the Beloved, during disputes between England over the residence of the papacy, Charles had an attack that included fever and convulsions. He would come to have 43 more incidents—each lasting between three to nine months—that cemented his reputation.
Louis V, King of France
The last king of the Carolingian dynasty had a VERY uneventful reign, alluded to in this nickname... possibly inspired the name of the American Know Nothing Party?

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