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Can you name the 20 Terrible US TV Spinoffs, from a description?

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Parent, Year (# of seasons, episodes)AnswerDescription
2004 (2, 46)
Starred Matt LeBlanc, follows his life as a struggling actor (moved to California of course) where Friends leaves off.
Married with Children
1991 (1, 7)
Running a full 7 episodes, and starring Matt LeBlanc, this was the most successful of the 3 Married with Children spinoffs!
1979 (1, 13)
Changed the name of the show several times, and even eventually changed the last name of the title character who had never appeared on the original show.
1989 (1, 1)
The pilot was actually the 23rd show of season 4 of 227, (reason for spinoff: the lead actresses had quarrels) but a second episode never aired.
The Brady Bunch
1989 (1, 6)
This was the third attempted spinoff after The Brady Bunch Hour and The Brady Brides, and included the entire cast of the Brady Bunch (except for Marcia who was replaced) and many cast members from The Brady Brides.
Three's Company
1979 (2, 28)
Though a spin-off of Three's Company, this sitcom was based on the British show, George and Mildred.
Happy Days
1982 (2, 17)
Cute kids, Chicago, music, what could go wrong? Apparently, no chemistry!
Saved by the Bell
1993 (1, 19)
Kids go to college. This was the second sequel, and the only one of the three shows to air in prime time.
Melrose Place
1994 (1, 28)
The last episode of the series ended with a cliffhanger, leaving stories open; Years later, E! Entertainment aired the entire series, along with an alternate ending which tied up loose ends, except for Carrie's abduction.
The X Files
2001 (1, 13)
The last episode was broadcast in June 2001 and ended on a cliffhanger which was partially resolved in a ninth-season episode of The X-Files entitled 'Jump the Shark'.
Parent, Year (# of seasons, episodes)AnswerDescription
Family Guy
2009 (4, 88)
Probably one of the most successful of the worst spin-offs, it is centered around a character we don’t even realize is missing from its parent show.
That 70s Show
2002 (1, 13)
Despite having a similar name, show structure, and many of the same writers and production staff, this was not technically a spin off, but it was, technically BAAAAAD!
The Jeffersons
1981 (1, 4)
The Jefferson's housekeeper Florence accepts a job as the executive housekeeper at the fictional St. Frederick Hotel in Manhattan; after cancellation, she returned to The Jeffersons--explanation: the hotel burned down!
American Idol
2003 (1, 17)
Resembling the British S Club Search, this show attempted to find 5 winners who would form a new band.
The Golden Girls
1992 (1, 24)
So what happened when “The Golden Girls” ate that last piece of cheesecake? They went to run a hotel minus Dorothy (Bea Arthur) and then went on for one season on CBS before the show was canceled.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
2005 (1, 13)
Somehow three gay men and one lesbian giving fashion and beauty advice to straight women in LA didn’t quite work out for the short-lived show.
Sanford and Son
1975 (1, 10)
Fred's friend moves to another neighborhood to live with his daughter, only to return to Watts, and eventually star in The Sanford Arms.
Toddlers and Tiaras 2012
(2, 26 and still airing)
This show hadn't even aired when the magazine article this quiz is based on was written, but they had no reason to think it would not be aweful!
Who's the Boss?
1987 (0, 0)
Want to follow Angela’s mother in her journey as a hotel owner? Yeah, neither did audiences in 1987 and the show never saw the light of day.
1995 (2, 44)
During the second season of this detective show facing slipping ratings, which were never as good as the original series, the producers decided to switch to a science fiction format (inspired by the success of The X-Files).

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