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Rather than tuna or soup, which they can't plenty of, think of these substantial alternatives.
Everyone donates green beans, but there is a world of alternatives!
Not pineapple...that's the most commonly donated in this category.
Needed is this common accompaniment to Oriental cuisine.
This breakfast staple is is always welcome.
George Washington Carver would be pleased!
Cousin Vinny said these would be a disgrace to any true southerner, but they would be appreciated at the food bank!
Well get ready for the tooting! Boston here we come!
Let's not forget Italy!
You can get this from Bisquick.
Well, maybe not straight from the cow, and certainly not in bottles...
Broad category, things that kids can take to schools.
Not a food, but something that ultimately receives the food eaten by infants.
Again, not food, but a general category that deals with personal hygiene products.
These would be only for the women.
Back to edibles! Little girls are made of these!
It's the best thing since.... well, this:
Two strange items to pair...One brown, one red (or green, or golden) and often delicious.
Every woman would attest to the necessity of this non-necessity.
Let's not forget something to put the items in.

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