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HintBanned StarReason
Hosted July 24, 1976
American actress
Was a mess (had ben arrested for cocaine possession weeks earlier); refused to appear in any sketches unless she was by herself or with Chevy Chase; First person ever to be banned
Hosted October 29, 1977
American actor, comedian, author
Skipped rehearsals, decided to ad-lib most of his lines, and even broke character during a sketch, which is the deadly sin of 'SNL'; some reports even claim that he was drunk when he arrived the day of the show
Hosted April 14, 1979
American comedian and actor
Upstaged other performers; inserted his own, older comedy bits into sketches; SNL writer Rosie Shuster, described their rehearsals as “watching a comedy train accident in slow motion on a loop”
Hosted November 13, 1982
American actor
Displayed displeasure with scripts. When writer and cast
member Gary Kroeger gave him several script pages, he
wadded up the pages and threw them in Kroeger's face
Hosted November 20, 1982
Popular and eccentric American entertainer, actor, and performance artist
Saturday Night Live viewers voted 195,544 to 169,186, in a
live, call-in ballot, to keep him permanently off the show
Hosted April 20, 1991
American Actor, Environmentalist,
Supporter of Dalai Lama
The cast and crew found him difficult to work with
Lorne Michaels assessed him as 'the worst host ever.'
He locked himself in a dressing room because sketch had
Hanz and Franz beating him up, made them change it
Hosted February 19, 1994
American comedian, actor, and filmmaker
During his opening monologue he began ranting about
feminine hygiene and the importance of douching
Hosted February 15, 1997
American comedian, actor, and writer;
former cast member, only one to be banned
Amazingly not banned in 1985 for suggesting that openly gay cast member Terry Sweeney star in a sketch where they weighed him every week to see if he had AIDS; finally banned (from hosting) when he asked a female writer for a sexual favor, abused several cast members including slapping Cheri Oteri in the back of the head
Hosted May 10, 2003
American actor and film producer
Without permission, he wore a dreadlocks wig and Rastafarian
clothing to introduce Jamaican reggae star Sean Paul
Improvised introduction included a rambling,
fake accent and botching Paul's name
Musical Guest December 17, 1977
English singer-songwriter
Performing with The Attractions, he stopped the band moments into their song 'Less Than Zero' to start playing 'Radio Radio,' which was critical of mainstream broadcasting; banned for 20 years; returned to 'SNL' in 1999, when he interrupted the Beastie Boys and performed 'Radio Radio' again
Musical Guest December 1978
American musician, bandleader, songwriter, composer, recording engineer, record producer, and film director
Rehearsals were tense due to this singers stance against drugs
During sketches, he hogged for the camera, promoted a concert,
and told the audience he was reading from cue cards
Only John Belushi stood next to him during the closing sequence
Musical Guest Halloween, 1981
Hardcore punk band from Los Angeles
Played offensive songs; used obscene language; booed for saying, 'It's great to be in New Jersey'; caused $20,000 in damage
Musical Guest January 18, 1986
American rock band;
pioneers of alternative rock
During their two songs, they were so intoxicated that they
repeated and forgot lyrics, stumbled around the stage and
into each other, and yelled obscenities at the crowd
Musical Guest Octoober 3, 1992
Irish singer-songwriter; ordained priest
in an independent Catholic Church
Tore a picture of the pope, saying 'Fight the real enemy'; applause sign not turned on, audience silent; next week, Joe Pesci held up a picture of the pope, saying he taped it together, then tore a picture of this singer
Musical Guest October 2, 1993
First Latino-American hip hop group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums
Lit a joint on-air, toking throughout performance
During their second number they trashed their instruments
Musical Guest April 13, 1996
American alternative metal band
Hung upside down American flags from their gear; crew members stepped in to remove both the flags and the band from the stage, prohibiting them from performing a second song and banning then for life

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