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Can you name the 25 words that mean something else to Food Servers?

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What it usually meansWordWhat it means to Food Servers
Saturday & SundayMonday & Tuesday, if you’re lucky enough to have two days off in a row.
A paid day off to celebrate, relax, and spend time with friends and family.Actual hell.
Professional to semi-casual attire that is office-appropriate.A “clean” shirt (i.e., having only semi-visible stains) and pants that will never not smell like vinegar.
A span of time, usually 15 minutes to an hour, to step away from work, get something to eat, maybe smoke a cigarette. Three minutes of shoving as much food into your mouth as possible while you hide from your tables.
A monthly or semi-monthly disbursement of wages.A bundle of crumpled ones, fives, and tens that gather daily in the bottom of your bag.
An ink-filled writing utensil.Your lifeline.
A fun, exclusive spot away from the boring grown-ups during special events. Something you will desperately try to pawn off on your co-workers.
Woooooo! Refund!!Hahahahaaa hahaha time to pay a year’s worth of taxes (RIP).
A gel insert to make shoes a little more comfortable.Your only doctor, literally, and a good one at that.
A place where two edges meet.A warning shout that is the best defense against crashing into a giant plate of hot wings.
Farther back, in a line; in the past; slang for a person’s butt.A similar warning call to the previous answer, but also something that you will, at least once, accidentally shout at a person who’s walking in front of you on the street, and it will be hilarious.
The number between 85 and 87.Out-of-stock dishes (which many customers who were hoping to order the gluten-free pizza will take as a personal offense).
Cheap wine at happy hour!Throwing back shots of whiskey or Fernet until the bar closes or the sun comes up.
Pesky wild plants that threaten your garden. A span of time in which you will seriously question your will to live, or, at the very least, how much you really need this job.
People who take a vacation in a tent or RV, usually in the woods or on a beach.People who sit at their table long after they’ve finished and paid, despite the fact that everything has been cleared from the table and regardless of the fact that there is a two-hour wait for their space. The worst people.
Reheated remains of that delicious big dinner you made last night.The ribs that were ordered accidentally; the birthday cake that table 22 (those ANGELS) generously donated; the fries that table 7 barely touched.
Someone who has invited you into his or her home for a party or event.Cute, young, impressionable ones who can make your shift either a dream or a nightmare.
Twice a given quantity.So much money, in exchange for your sanity.
The act of replacing one thing with another thing.The bane of your existence.
A professional cook.Your hero, your enemy, or your secret hardcore crush, depending on the night.
A nice bonus for work well done, supplementary to your income.Your rent, phone/car/student loan fund, spending money, livelihood.
Food shared among relatives.The remnants of last night’s special, shared among co-workers.
The highest point or surface.The method of describing the number of people at a table, which will confuse everyone when you say it among non-food-industry civilians.
The hour at which a business shuts down for the day.Whenever the couple who showed up at 10:59 p.m., pointing at their watches, decide to finish their meal.
People with whom you chat, gossip, and eat lunch at the office.The amazing, hilarious, crazy people who put up with you at your most manic, most bored, and most drunk, and who love you regardless.

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