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There was a net flow of 160,000 people FROM the United States TO this country from 2005-2014, partly explained by the slow recovery in the US.From 2007-2009 there was a net flow of 2,270,000 people FROM this country TO the US.
This socio-economic class has shrunk from 61% in 1971 to 50% in 2015.Not all bad news, however, the upper extreme has increased from 14 to 21% in the same period, while the lower extreme has also increased from 25 to 29%.
Possibly because of attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, the vast majority of Muslims in countries with a significant Muslim population have a negative opinion of this group.Unfavorable/Favorable: Lebanon 100/1 (rounding error); Jordan 94/2; Palestine 84/10; Indonesia 79/18; Turkey 73/19; Nigeria 66/20; Burkina Faso 64/28; Malaysia 64/25; Senegal 60/29; Pakistan 28/62.
This group, estimated at 75.3, eclipsed the 74.9 million Baby Boomers to become the largest generational group in the US.Presumably due to immigration, this group is projected to increase to 81 million by 2036 before they begin to decline.
While a global median of 54% consider climate change a serious problem, there are regional differences; people from Latin America and this continent express the most concern.On the other end, only 18% of people in China, 38% in the Middle East, and 45% in the US consider it a major problem.
A 50-year low of just 19% of Americans say they trust this and believe it is run for the benefit of all Americans. In 1964 the trust level was 80%; it shrank in the aftermath Vietnam and Watergate, rebounded during the Reagan years to almost 50%, declined again during the Clinton years, rebounded during 911, and has fallen steadily since then.
59% of Americans said the US has to continue to make changes to give this race equal rights.In 2009 the percent that shared that belief was only 47%
Within 5%, this percentage of teens say they use more that one of the following social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, Vine, Tumblr.Additionally nearly three-quarters of US teens have access to a smartphone.
This Religion continues to grow due to a higher birth-rate, and is projected to surpass the number of adherents to Christianity sometime after 2050.They are growing more than twice as fast as the overall world population
While most religions are declining in percentage of the world population, only this major religion is projected to decline in absolute numbers between now and 2050.They are projected to decrease from a little over 490 million to a little under 490 million (within the margin of error.)
61% of Millenials get their news from this social networking service as opposed to 37% who say they get new from Local TV.Baby Boomers are almost a mirror image of Millenials with 60% getting news from Local TV and only 39% from this site.
Since the passing of landmark legislation in 1965, these people have made up an increasing proportion of the United States.Today these people make up a near-record 14%; in 1965% US population was just 5% of these people; the percentage is projected to rise to 18% by 2065.
People with this occupation are finding an increasing divide between themselves and the American population.There is a 51% gap between them and US Adults who believe it is safe to eat genetically modified views (88/37), a 33% gap with those who believe humans have evolved over time (98/65), a 37% gap with those who believe climate change is primarily due to human activity (87/50).
The number of journalists from niche outlets accredited by the Press Gallery of the US Congress (589) has surpassed those from this outlet (576).328 journalists from Foreign press have credentials, followed by 216 from Wire services, and 73 from broad-interest internet outlets.
This group of people make up 6.9% of the USA and are growing at a rate three times faster than the population as a whole.While 60% are proud of their classification, and 59% claim their classification helps make them open to other cultures, 55% have been subject to racial slurs or jokes.

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