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A prequel to a horror movie based on a board game that bombed. Widow, trying to contact husband, opens a portal for demons to possess her daughters.The widow and her daughters deal with the disappointment of not being able to contact their beloved. By helping others achieve closure through fake seances, they are seeking closure themselves. Addressing grief in the form of a mainstream horror movie is inspired.
Based on a mediocre 1970s cartoon, the movie follows an all-girl rock band that takes on a sinister record company CEO who plans to put subliminal messages into pop music.A stinging satire of pop culture consumerism. Teens will buy whatever they're sold, if it will make them cool. The girls decide to make music their own way, and let others decide for themselves whether it's any good.
Attorney becomes involved with a drug cartel to score quick cash. The operation uses sewage trucks to transport drugs, falls apart, and he gets in deep trouble.It was received as a drama, but is in reality a VERY dark comedy. The lawyer refuses to acknowledge he is in over his head. He ignores constant warnings that to cross the cartel will lead to a grizzly death. The character suffers because his ego thinks he can fix an unfixable situation, and instead keeps digging the hole deeper.
Seems like another goofy comedy from David Wain. A Manhattan couple decide to live a 'simpler' life by joining a commune, but are unprepared for the new lifestyle.Not just a mockery of communal life, but a poignant look at socioeconomic status. The couple originally concerned with impressions, risk putting themselves in debt for a fancy apartment in a trendy area. They become vulnerable to quick fixes, but learn that living a life not suited to you, whether 'simple' or 'super-successful' is pointless.
This reboot of one of the most effective horror films ever made, is essentially the same as the original. One Difference:In the original the main character is a child murderer who got off on a technicality, is burned alive by angry parents, and seeks revenge. Now he is a child molester. His invasion of dreams is a metaphor for child sexual abuse survivors having to relive their trauma.
A hot dog in a supermarket hopes to be stuck inside the hot bun next to him. The food view humans as gods taking them to the promised land.They learn otherwise, precipitating a crisis of faith. Each deals with it in a unique way, and thus the movie investigates how people interact with their own faith. Moral: Accept other people's right to practice their own religion. (From the king of smart dumb movies.)
Director Paul Verhoeven took a successful sci-fi novel, and cranked up the mayhem with CGI to create a big dumb chaotic generic sci-fi shoot-em-up picture.But on another level, it is a satire replete with fascist-inspired imagery and nods to older propaganda films. The film skewers what he sees as America's fascination with and glorification of war, which leads to escalation of aggression, and pointless deaths.
A guy comedy with a dancing gopher, WASP villian, and both a working class and borish nouveau riche businessman hero.The heroes are looked down upon by the club's elites who try to keep the wrong element out of Bushwood. The movie exists to point out that snobs and bigots are reprehensible.
Two rock-loving dudes are given a phone booth time travel machine, and engage in a goofball romp across time.Movie is filled with throwaway jokes that only register if you recognize them as jokes. E.g. Sigmund Freud, is continually shown holding phallic objects. Similar borderline-subliminal jokes about Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and others are scattered throughout.
After a 500-year hibernation, Joe Bauers discovers an extremely dumbed-down society. A professional wrestler is president, most popular TV Show: Ow! My Balls!Put into just 130 cinemas, this movie grossed just $440,093 and was dismissed as an insipid comedy. It’s actually a dire warning of what could happen if our society doesn’t start wising up and embracing intelligence again. The future is potentially now.
A high school student sees a satanic rock band, gets lured into their van, and is transformed into a succubus who preys on males. Her best friend tries to stop her.Savvy look at a dark reality of teen life. The succubus lures adolescent boys with promise of sex, only to eat them: A metaphor for the power of sex. Teen boys are horny, hot girls get their attention. The movie is about that power, and recognizing that sex appeal can provide a way to exert influence over others. A scary power for an immature teen to possess.
Hank stranded on an island, about to hang himself, finds a magical flatulent corpse. It helps him get back to society. Things get really weird when the body begins to talk.Hank teaches a reanimated Manny, about love, heartbreak, joy, and pain. Manny is more willing to embrace life than his teacher, who has run from everything, especially the beautiful woman he’s never approached. Starting off as a dumb comedy, it evolves into a weirdly touching look at how a dead guy teaches Hank to start living.
The only female in a village is abducted by a man who she finds was her creator. She wonders whether she belongs with her abductor or those who raised her.The movie is, obviously, really about adoption. She eventually defeats her abductor when he plans to destroy her village, learning that where she came from is not as important as the fact that she is loved.
4 college girls rob a chicken restaurant to fund their spring break vacation. They fall under the spell of a dreadlocked drug dealer, who enlists their help committing crimes.More than an ode to hedonism, it's an indictment of a pop culture that causes many privileged teens to think there’s more glory in being bad than in true accomplishment. One of the girls goes home, another gets shot, and the final two are left with the realization that their foray into the the “gangsta” lifestyle has come with repercussions.
A woman is committed to a mental institution by her abusive stepfather. To survive she imagines herself a heroine in a variety of fantasy settings.Panned for a disjointed and thin story, the Director's Cut fills in the gaps. It's about extreme dissociation, a coping mechanism for abused. At the institution, the woman was abused by the facility's administrator. Fantasizing that she and her friends are warriors fighting all sorts of monsters gives her empowerment and strength to fight back.

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