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The Pianist,
Gangs of New York
The satirical elements that made the Broadway play so great were overpowered by the sexy and glitzy sets and the horrible singing by big stars who just wanted a paycheck. Zeta Jones may have been fantastic, but the film was a mess that not even Billy Flynn could defend.
Apocalypse Now
There’s nothing overly significant about the film as a whole except for the exceptional performances by Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep (for which they rightfully earned Oscars). The sentimentality makes for a nice film to watch once or twice – like a Lifetime film.
Raging Bull
Shows that voters will often prefer “realistic” family dramas over films that push boundaries. People defend this film claiming it openly discussed mental illness when it was still taboo. While that may be true, it quickly got buried and now is barely even talked about. It plays like a generic TV movie. On the other hand, Raging Bull is a fascinating character study that also showcases another type of mental illness, and has been called the best film of the 80s.
The Ten Commandments,
The King and I
Regarded as the worst Best Picture recipient of all time. Possibly chosen because of the magnitude of its production. It used over 140 sets, 8,552 animals, 74,000 costumes, and over 68,000 extras, setting many records which still stand. It lacked the spark that the Verne’s novel had, relying on pretty backgrounds and shallow caricatures of culture, using cheesy, “ethnic” music and stereotypical costumes to show the distances its main characters travel.
This movie may have had a cultural impact, but, so far, it’s only remembered as a comparison to James Cameron’s Avatar rather than a superior film.
One of the most boring films of the 20th century, the two-and-a-half-hour endeavor takes place mainly through flashbacks. The pace is slower than a lazy snail. Apparently, long shots of the Sahara were more interesting than Frances Mcdormand’s captivating performance.
Saving Private Ryan
Even if it’s riddled with historical inaccuracies, a period piece is still a period piece to the Academy, especially if it’s subject is arguably the most famous writer of all time. The film has its own charms and is one of the better period romances, but had no reason to win the award.
Shawshank Redemption,
Pulp Fiction
Take away the ridiculous plot, and all that’s left is a large dose of sap melodrama. At least Shawshank Redemption didn’t give us the most overrated restaurant in existence.
M (not nominated)
An excellent example of a film that has not aged well at all. The only western film to win an Academy Award until 1990. That may sound impressive, but the expensive set design couldn’t save it from its scattered storytelling and racist caricatures.
Do The Right Thing (not nominated),
Dead Poets Society
Has its touching moments and great performances, and is a great film to watch with your grandmother when you have to do your weekly visit. It’s a interesting insight into segregation, but that’s really all it was. The film took most of its time jamming a familiar subject down its audience’s throat.
Citzen Kane
Don’t know what this film is about? Barely anyone does. The only reason that its name is still remembered is because it beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture. It is typical family drama mixed with depressing and endearing elements— two traits that the Academy gobbles up.
The Social Network
The plot of the film, though based on a true story, could have come out of a random Oscar bait idea generator. Firth and Rush put on great performances, but the fact that this was (jokingly) predicted to win best picture before even being released showed how predictable the voters have gotten.
Brokeback Mountain
Going with a safe choice that was barely mentioned throughout the year until it decided to do a last minute campaign. Even its director, Paul Haggis, thought other films were more deserving. 'Racism for Dummies.' It spoon feeds the audience the racial problems that these characters experience and basically dumb it down for the audience to understand.

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