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Can you name the 12 Worst Adaptations of Comic Book Characters according to screenrant.com?

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Ryan Reynolds
2009: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Why did they make the character, famous for his wisecracking mouth, mouthless? He has crazy powers the comic book character doesn't have. Hopefully the 2016 movie will do him justice.
Brandon Routh
2006: _____ Returns
Routh appears to be mimicking Reeve's take on the role, rather than trying to make it his own. But where Reeve had all the charisma in the world, Routh was lacking.
Julian McMahon
2005; 2007: Fantastic Four
Not the leader of a country, but a CEO who doesn't ingeniously create a suit of armor, but passively mutates into metal. And he suddenly has a natural ability to shoot lightning from his hands. The brilliant humanity was removed from the character, whose powers arrive by accident.
Robert 'Jeep' Swenson
1997: Batman & Robin
A musclebound stooge in a mask; starts out as a scrawny weakling transformed by a mad scientist into a beast. He lacks the intelligence of the comic book villain, just walking around grunting and smashing. Hollywood redeemed itself with Tom Hardy's portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises.
2005: Fantastic Four:
Rise of the Silver Surfer
Three months before the premier, his look had not been finalized. For all the hype, we don’t see him as anything but a silhouette. One of the most popular comic book villains of all time and he’s immediately killed off. It was a wonder why they even bothered including him in this film at all.
Chris O'Donnell
1995; 1997: Batman Forever; Batman & _____
O'Donnell was stilted and one-dimensional; the bizarre costumes didn’t help, with their unnecessary nipples, gigantic codpieces and floating, strapless masks. Marlon Wayans was cast, but not used in Batman Returns. Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio were also considered.
Chip Zien
1986: _____ _____ ______
An anthropomorphic alien duck that wound up on Earth, hilariously spouting cynicism and self-awareness – he often broke the fourth wall and spoke about being a comic book character. The movie shed all that self-awareness, dumbing down _____ in favor of corny puns.
Ryan Reynolds
2011: _____ _____
Reynolds blamed the long delay of a script. The script overflows with expository dialogue and voiceovers that deprive the audience of actually seeing the cool things being spoken about. Then there was the strange CGI suit with its pulsating lights. Reynolds even poked a little fun at it.
Ben Affleck
2003: _____
Affleck blamed cynicism, claiming people didn’t think superhero movies could be made well. Maybe he’d never seen the original Superman, Batman, X-Men or Spider-Man. Affleck phoned it in, with a subdued performance. The whole film is mopey, with punch-by-numbers action sequences.
Jennifer Garner
2003; 2005: _____
Garner brought the character from one clunker of a movie to an even worse one two years later with a tone deaf script too self-serious and bereft of intelligent dialogue to provide engaging thrills.
Entire Cast
2003: _____ _____
_____ _____ _____
Give the name of the film/group depicted or any of the characters.
Hollywood got it all wrong, completely watering down and altering the characters. The characters were forced into bizarre action sequences. Shane West's character, who wasn’t in the comics, was added for a splash of youth and Americana. Peta Wilson's character went from a complex, troubled woman, to a rabid vampire. A much-too-old Sean Connery was changed from a deflated addict to a bombastic action hero. It was a perplexing mess.
Helen Slater
1984: _____
In a knuckle-dragging attempt to attract a female audience, they revolved the whole plot around romance, with the villain being primarily motivated by jealousy. Reeve refused to make a cameo in the film. Producer Ilya Salkind later admitted that Slater shouldn’t have been cast, with Brooke Shields being the better choice. It was Slater’s first film role, and it showed, with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look and stilted line readings. Fortunately the new TV show is better.
Halle Berry
2004: _____
Where did Halle Berry go wrong where many others were purr-fect? Production and writing decisions stunk like kitty litter. Her alter ego was a new character, Patience Phillips who shared little in common with the traditional character. Rather than cunning, she was dull and meek. Rather than having fun with the “cat” persona, she literally acts like a cat who eats cat food and hisses at dogs. Oh, and there were magical cats that gave her super powers. Because, why not?

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