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1. Japan, Tōhoku
(312 in)
Subject to an air raid during the Japan home islands campaign.
The July 28 bombing claimed 1,767 lives and destroyed 88% of the city.
2. Japan, Hokkaido
(191 in)
Hosted the 1972 Olympics, the first ever held in Asia.
3. Japan, Hokuriku
(143 in)
Contains East Asia’s only glaciers outside Russia.
4. Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador
(131 in)
Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless signal
from here on December 1901 from his wireless station in Poldhu, Cornwall.
5. USA, New York
(124 in)
In 1615 Samuel de Champlain launched an attack on the
Onondagas here, with the aid of the Huron and Algonquian Indians.
5. Canada, Quebec
(124 in)
One of the oldest cities in North America and home to the the only
North American fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist.
7. Canada, Quebec
(123 in)
Formed on February 18, 2002 by amalgamating the cities of Chicoutimi,
Jonquière, La Baie and Laterrière, along with the municipalities of
Lac-Kénogami and Shipshaw and part of the township of Tremblay.
8. Japan, Tōhoku
(107 in)
Home of a famous castle built in 733 A.D, built by the
Yamato court to bring the local Emishi tribes under its control.
9. USA, New York
(99 in)
Home of one of the first anti-slavery newspapers, the North Star
was created by famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass in 1847.
10. USA, New York
(95 in)
President William McKinley was assassinated in this city.

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